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FOX: R. Murdoch, Rothschild & Cheney behind oil company which eyes Golan Heights

by John Kountouris
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– by John Kountouris, Greek journalist  |  JohnKountouris.com  |  News site: GreekNewsOnDemand.com

LOOK what Fox News reported on in October of this year regarding the big oil interests of Genie Energy which is a major oil company, based in America, with a major parter in Israel.  Two very interesting points about this article are (1) this company is trying to get at Syria’s oil reserves in the Golan Heights which is an area boardering Syria and Israel and (2) the major shareholders are Dick Cheney, Rupert Murdoch, Michael Steinhardt and… Jacob Rothschild.

I guess the…LOGICAL conclusion here would be:  This is the reason why Mr. Assad mush be…TAKEN OUT OF THE WAY!

I wrote a major article on this a month or so ago in the Greek newspaper I write for, The Free Hour (Eleutheri Hora), which is one of the biggest newspapers in all of Greeece. Click here for that article. 

See below this major article on this issue that FOX itself published!

Potentially game-changing oil reserves discovered in Israel



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