Truth Videos



Hope is found in truth. Truth applied to oneself leads to freedom, and freedom, truth, and perseverance in truth leads to life. Please enjoy these videos and learn from them.

History is a twisted story. Here you will find many of the real reasons behind why the world is the way it his. Learn the truths of Biblical proportions about what is going and what you can do to survive and find salvation through Jesus Christ. See the world through the context of the true history and the reason technology and media have risen to the top of capturing the attentions of people.

Overall see the global use of the “uniting” concept (like the EU, North American Union) and others is being used to erase cultures, ideals, beliefs, and the family. It is the tool to erase not only our gift from God, but our service to him. Stay Greek, stay true.

Read the following site to learn more… technology is being used to change who you are! Your holding in your hand right now!