Karen Hudes, World Bank Whistleblower

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Who is Karen Hudes?

For more more Karen, see her website: http://kahudes.net

You can also see her on Youtube.com in her many media appearances and in her own video broadcasts by simply Youtubing “Karen Hudes” in the Youtube search engine.

The network of corporate global control is doing everything it can to steal the assets in the global debt facility.

There’s a coalition on the board of governors of the World Bank and the IMF which appointed her as acting general counsel of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development. This is the oldest agency of the World Bank; there are four others.

She speaks on behalf of the board of governors so long as she gets their approval and works on behalf of all of humanity.

Karens recently stated: “During the annual meetings of the World Bank and the International monetary fund in Peru this past October 2015, we agreed that any country would go on record in writing if they did not agree with what I do or say as overseer mandate trustee. On December 18, 2015, the development committee of 25 ministers of Finance informed Dr. Jim Young Kim, the World Bank president, and vice president Sean McGrath in charge of the world banks human resources, that their services were no longer required.”

The Global Debt Facility has liens, that is to say universal commercial code financial statements, on the assets of the Federal Reserve Bank. It is Barack Obama, Joe Biden and fed chairwoman Janet Yellen that are trying to interfere with the global currency reset.

The United States, minus the federal reserve bank, is in a coalition on the board of governors of the World Bank and IMF and has agreed to the global currency reset to replace federal reserve notes for the US treasury dollars in the global dent facility.  This is a major development.

Karen has provided the Global Debt Facility Financial Statements to the Securities and Exchange Commission.  She also sent this information to the National Advisory Council on International Monetary and Economic Policies, which is chaired by the Secretary of the Treasury.  She posted this information on her social media as well.

See this recent key broadcast of her’s on this issue!



Reviewing the black screens of the Global Debt Facility on Euroclear:


Karen’s letters to State governors concerning the Global Debt Facility:


World Bank Whistleblower makes Startling Confession Karen Hudes #N3


Below are Karen’s key posts:

Karen Hudes on the Global Debt Facility and ATLANTIS!


In 2014 the Board of Governors decided to use the world’s gold reserves to replace paper currencies for currencies containing the exact gold value on the face of the bills. The Board of Governors also agreed that villages and towns would use their own local currencies. This is the Global Currency Reset.



Karen’s latest post as of May 19, 2016:

I am so grateful that the Greek people are joining with the groups here in the US that are replacing unconstitutional Federal Reserve Notes and the Brazilian people who are rejecting a coup d’etat. All of us in the coalition for the rule of law are reinforcing the others’ efforts. We have 90-95% likelihood of winning, as the Power Transition Model, based on game theory modeling, has predicted.



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