Trump did nothing about the theft of the election because he handed over power to…FEMA to run the show during the fake COVID pandemic!!!

President Trump speaks during a teleconference with governors at the Federal Emergency Management Agency headquarters Thursday.

In Case You Forgot: There is no U.S. President! The U.S. Corporation is Dead! FEMA Runs the Show!

Hey guys! Millennial Mikey here and….we need to talk!

I felt compelled to remind you all that ever since Friday, March 13, 2020 the national emergency declared by Donald Trump handed power over to FEMA. So what does that mean? Biden is not President! Does he look like a man that is in charge of ANYTHING??

The truth is that once the national emergency was declared and FEMA took power, the position of U.S. president ceased to exist. THERE IS NO POLITICAL REMEDY WHATSOEVER! As of right now, elections (presidential, congressional, gubernatorial, mayoral) are meaningless. Voting is meaningless. Seeking any resolutions from politicians/government is meaningless.

Think about why the elite felt brazen enough to show the American people, in plain sight, voting results being altered, removing votes for Trump and adding them to Biden on live TV! This was a message that elections do not matter! The illusion of choice has been made known to the American people. The problem is not many people caught on to it.

It doesn’t matter that Trump had the election stolen from him because IT WAS ALL A DOG AND PONY SHOW ANYWAY.

With FEMA in charge, what does voting matter?

To give people an idea of the power that FEMA now wields, watch the video below that explains how FEMA came into being by means of multiple executive orders signed by former presidents.

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Take Care.

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