Greek Archbishop of America Elpidophoros explains his participation in BLM marches

Archbishop Elpidophoros at the BLM march.

Phanar hierarch in the U.S. explains his participation in BLM marches comments: The Archbishop is a…TURK-FILE and a TRAITOR. But as if this all wasn’t enough, he supports the TERRORISTS from BLM who MURDER innocent White people and burn down churches! He needs to GO….NOW!

Archbishop Elpidophoros said he had no doubt about going to the BLM march, as he has a certain Phanariot “legacy”.

The head of the Phanar Archdiocese in the United States, Archbishop Elpidophoros (Lambriniadis), explained why he had taken part in the BLM march, according to the profanariotic publication

Commenting on his participation in support of the Black Lives Matter protest movement, Archbishop Elpidophoros said that, “coming from Constantinople”, he has certain “legacy” of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, “which especially during the Patriarchy of Bartholomew highlighted social issues so strongly, even for the environment, human equality, human rights, democracy.”

“All of this for me was a legacy that worked when it came time to decide if I would walk with Eric Adams on African-American rights in America and quite spontaneously in 10 minutes I said ‘of course, I will go’,” said the head of the Phanar Archdiocese in the United States.

He also said that “the demonstration was in half an hour,” and he “didn’t think about it at all,” but simply said, “Of course I’ll go.” “That’s how we built a very good relationship” (obviously with the representatives of the BLM – Ed.),” summed up Archbishop Elpidophoros.

Earlier, the UOJ wrote that in the United States, Black Lives Matter activists burned dozens of Bibles and several Christian churches. In turn, US President Joe Biden praised Phanariot clerics for supporting the BLM movement.