Wildfires in Greece: Greek government allowing elites to burn Greece ON PURPOSE for Agenda 21!!!

Wildfires in Greece: Greek gov’t allowing elites to burn Greece ON PURPOSE for Agenda 21!!!

Greece is being burned alive by the UN’s…Agenda 21 plan for the “salvation” of the planet from the “evil” humans who are “destroying it” with carbon emissions.

There’s also the “pheonomena” of “climate change” at play here that is causing all the fires.

All that, of course, is…BULLSH*T because that has all been proven to be a LIE over the years by top scientists from all over the world. The REAL PROBLEM here is NOT “climate change,” etc., but…AGENDA 21 and AGENDA 2030 which all US member-nations have signed on to for the DESTRCTUON OF HUMANITY BY THE GLOBALIST ELITES who hate us and want us…DEAD! That’s why they use “climate change” as a term to distract away from the evil agenda which entails creating…FAKE, MAN-MADE, ELITE-MADE CRISES like…”floods,” “fires,” “earthquakes,” etc., which are ALL created by them (with their weather weapons, directed energy weapons, etc.), in the event that some nation out there, like…GREECE, does NOT go along with their FAKE “go-green” STUPIDITY.

Of course, the Greek government of Kyriakos Mitsotakis is COMPLICIT in al of this because (1) he’s DELIBERATELY do NOTHING to fully stop the fires (2) he is STOPPING volunteer firefighters from aiding regular firefighters from stopping the blazes and (3) it’s now come out that he is involved in windmill companies (“green energy” = Agenda 21) that, days BEFORE the start of the fires, were lobbying Greek municipalities with Greek government consent on allowing them to set up windmill generators in their areas but because their city councils said “NO!,”…THEY ARE ALL BURNING RIGHT NOW!!!

The following videos are from RT.

Dramatic drone footage shows a path of destruction wrought by Greece wildfires