Russian Business Introduces Tattoo QR Codes To Prove Vaccination Status

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Russian Business Introduces Tattoo QR Codes To Prove Vaccination Status

How long until Joe Biden declares this Mark of the Beast technology mandatory in America?

by Jamie White

A new project launched in Russia is introducing QR codes in the form of temporary tattoos for citizens to prove they got the COVID injection to participate in society.

This dystopian campaign, created by Delivery Club food delivery app and the Everink Tattoo online shop, aims to roll out a new trendy way to present vaccination proof.

“With the help of our project, we want to draw attention to catering establishments, as well as remind about the importance and necessity of vaccination,” Delivery Club told state-run RIA Novosti News.

“With our temporary tattoos, we want to defuse the current situation a little, and at the same time diversify and make the process of showing QR codes in city establishments more interesting.”


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“We want to ease the current tension and also make it more fun to present QR codes at the cities’ establishments,” Delivery Club added.

These tattoos cost $8 each and come in six design options, including a floral design and one that says “I believe in you.”

Tyranny has never been so fashionable!

Moscow authorities imposed the smartphone QR code requirement on June 28, barring citizens from sitting indoors at Moscow restaurants, cafes and bars without one.

Additionally, patrons with QR code tattoos will still need to present photo ID to verify the tattoo is theirs.

From the Moscow Times:

Muscovites can order the QR code tattoo through Everink Tattoo’s website and submit a link to their own personal code. In about 10 days, the tattoo will arrive to be applied to one’s skin.


The temporary QR code tattoos last for about two weeks after application. The experience could bring back fond memories for younger Russians who would get temporary tattoos as a prize with their chewing gum.


Still, the QR code by itself isn’t enough to get you into a restaurant, as tattooed patrons still need to show their ID to prove that they’re not wearing someone else’s QR code or a masterful forgery.

How long until Joe Biden requires QR code tattoos for the American people in the name of preventing the spread of COVID?

Given he threatened more lockdowns and mask mandates on Friday despite no significant increase in COVID deaths, it’s probably coming sooner than you think.

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