PURE EVIL – W.H.O. Calls for Another $45 Billion to ‘Vaccinate Most Adults Across Globe’

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W.H.O. Calls for Another $45 Billion to ‘Vaccinate Most Adults Across Globe’

Globalists demand G7 nations cough up more money for global vaccine agenda

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The global COVAX program for developing and distributing coronavirus vaccines is $19 billion short of its $22 billion target this year, according to World Health Organization (WHO) head Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

He said at a briefing that a further $35 billion to $45 billion will be needed next year to ensure that most adults around the world are immunized.

The WTO chief urged G7 nations to fund the global coronavirus recovery, saying the crisis cannot be resolved worldwide if they do not step up. “The G7 countries could mobilize a substantial portion of these funds themselves, and lead a global effort to accelerate Covid-19 vaccination around the world.”

“COVAX (the global alliance to ensure equitable access to Covid-19 vaccines) urgently needs 20 million doses during the second quarter of 2021 to cover interruptions in supply triggered by increased demands for vaccines in India where COVAX’s main supplier of the AstraZeneca product is based,” he said.

India reported more than 357,000 new Covid infections on Tuesday, bringing the total to over 20 million cases in the country, according to Health Ministry data.

The globalist attack on human liberties is sparking backlash across Europe.


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