Psaki: “Will Be a Couple Months” Before Biden Meets A World Leader In Person. Hmmm…

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Psaki: “Will Be a Couple Months” Before Biden Meets A World Leader In Person

Do world leaders want to avoid affiliating with an obvious illegitimate president?

Joe Biden will not meet world leaders face-to-face for at least “a couple of months,” according to White House press secretary Jen Psaki.

When asked during a press briefing Tuesday whether Biden was preparing to meet with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in February as they agreed, Psaki said – without going into detail – that Biden wouldn’t be meeting anybody for a little while.

“You can meet over video, as we all know,” Psaki said dismissively. “I don’t have any timeline of a meeting to confirm for you though.”

“I would anticipate all of you that, uh, it will be a couple of months before the president has an in-person, or has, invites a foreign leader to meet in person here at the White House,” she added.

Biden had confirmed last month that Trudeau would be the first world leader he’d meet so they could discuss the COVID-19 pandemic response.

Add this to the list of pledges Biden has backed off on.

Why suddenly the extended timeline of not meeting any foreign leaders?

Is it because Biden is struggling to maintain his declining health?

Or do world leaders want to avoid being seen rubbing elbows with an obvious fraud and embarrassment?

In any case, Biden’s “Vice President” Kamala Harris has been making calls to world leaders on his behalf.

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