George Soros in the documentary film “Soros.” – The Rothschild agent…REVEALED…

George Soros in the documentary film “Soros.”

Prior to the rise of Trump & Q Anon, the name of the demon George Soros (cough cough) was generally speaking, known only to engrossed political observers from the polar opposites — the “far left” worshiping him — the “far right” despising him. In recent years, however, the name recognition of the “Hungarian” investment tycoon turned  “philanthropist” ™ has increased to the point where even many of the less politically aware Republicans and “moderates” have by now at least heard about him. Given the fact that there is nothing good to say about this vile Kingpin of Capitalistic Communism, the Soros underlings and other assorted propagandists are now in damage control mode.




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