SHOCKER: Two…GREEKS behind DOMINION’s voting software with patent number ending in…666!!!


SHOCKER: Two…GREEKS behind DOMINION’s voting software with patent number ending in…666!!!

-by John Kountouris | Nov. 18. 2020 | 7:50 am, Los Angeles | Find me on Social Media!: Facebook • Twitter • Instagram • LinkedIn • Youtube

In the recent article entitled IT CONTRACTOR FOR DOMINION BALLOT COUNTING SOFTWARE CO. EXPOSES MASSIVE BALLOT FRAUD IN DETROIT, MICHIGAN from the news site, we read the following shocking information, particularly for us…GREEKS…


November 12, 2020 The Last Refuge


If what Ms. Mellissa Carone outlines is true, this would explain how the ballots in Michigan were manipulated.  Ms. Carone was a contracted worker for Dominion a company providing software services for ballot counting machines in Detroit.


Carone was sent to Detroit, Michigan, to provide technical support for the ballot counting process.  While she was there she noted poll workers repeatedly double scanning ballots to generate multiple votes from the same batch of ballot sheets.  When she reported this to her employer, Mr. Nick Ikonomakis of Dominion, Carone was told it was not her role to  review what the poll workers are doing; essentially to ignore it.


Ms. Carone also witnessed election workers filling out ballots, fraudulently signing ballots, as well as the unloading of vans in an area of the Detroit election tabulation facility she was not permitted to inspect. Ms Carone was on Fox Business with Lou Dobbs to explain part of what she witnessed, video here.


Ms. Carone gave a longer interview –see here– which has more information. It is always challenging to interpret the validity of whistleblowers; however, Mellissa Carone has some specific details that provide credibility, video – HERE

WHO. though. EXACLTY is the…GREEK Nick Ikonomakis (Nick Oikonomakis) of Dominion??? When we googled his name in connection with DOMINION we were flabbergasted–to say the least.
The first result was from the patent registration site JUSTIA PATENTS which show how Ikonomakis and his colleagues registered patents for DOMINION back in 2012.  His co-inventors are  James Hoover, Nick Ikonomakis, Goran Obradovic and…John PoulosANOTHER GREEK!!!
According to this same site we read the following:
Patents by Inventor Nick Ikonomakis
Nick Ikonomakis has filed for patents to protect the following inventions. This listing includes patent applications that are pending as well as patents that have already been granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).
Patent number: 9870666
Abstract: A system, method and computer program for tabulating votes and creating an audit trail is provided. A ballot processing device may include a paper feed mechanism, a computer, a ballot processing application loaded on the computer, and a digital scanning device linked to the computer. The ballot processing application may process the digital image to establish a series of processing results definning one or more voting results for the paper ballot, and also an audit trail. The ballot processing application may process the digital image to define the voting results based on criteria established by election officials, including ambiguous mark criteria. The audit trail enables election officials to verify that particular paper ballots have been processed correctly in accordance with these criteria.
Type: Grant
Filed: May 3, 2012
Date of Patent: January 16, 2018
Assignee: Dominion Voting Systems, Inc.
Inventors: John Poulos, James Hoover, Nick Ikonomakis, Goran Obradovic
The patent number is…9870666…!!! SAY WHAT???!!!
It now remains to be seen how this whole DOMINION voting machine fraud case will play out in the courts because high-powered attorney’s, like Sidney Powell, are promising the reveal even more damning evidence in connection with the same company.
See now Melissa Carone on FOX NEWS about this issue…

Read the full patent entry on this site here >>


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