Trump Campaign Insists Race Is “Not Over” As Georgia Announces Recount

Trump Campaign Insists Race Is “Not Over” As Georgia Announces Recount

Update (1200ET): Here’s some more of the latest updates.

Biden has 264 electoral votes; Trump has 214, according to the AP and Bloomberg.

But before everybody starts calling PA for Biden, here’s something to keep in mind:

As of Noon on the East Coast:

  • GEORGIA: Biden leads Trump by 1,587 votes, 49.4% to 49.37% with 99% of votes in
  • PENNSYLVANIA: Biden leads Trump by 8,873 votes, 49.49% to 49.36% with 98% of votes counted
  • NEVADA: Biden leads Trump by 22,076 votes, 49.83% to 48.07% with 86% of the vote counted
  • There still has not been an update reported out of North Carolina, where Trump leads Biden by 76,701 votes, 50.09% to 48.69%.

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Update (1130ET): We have another update on the vote out of PA: The new votes in Pennsylvania were reported from Delaware County (Philly suburbs), where Biden leads Trump 62.8% to 36.3% with 95% reporting.

In the new batch of votes added in the , Biden received 3,523 and Trump received 1,289, meaning Biden garnered 72% of all the new votes, and pushing the VP just ever-so-slightly ahead of the president.

Per Fox, 98% of the Keystone state is reporting, but with the margin so slight, officials have already declared that a recount is expected.

Nevada update: Biden now leads Donald Trump by 22,076 votes in Nevada, 49.8% to 48.1%, with 91% reporting according to Bloomberg.

That new batch of Nevada votes came from Clark County, where the vast majority of Nevadans live, and where Dem-heavy Las Vegas is located. Biden gained 19,995 votes and Trump gained 9,357, meaning 65% all the new votes counted in this update went to Biden. Biden leads Trump in Clark County 53.6% to 44.6%, with 91% reporting.

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Update (1100ET):Nancy Pelosi started her Friday morning press conference by proclaiming that Joe Biden had won the election, defeating President Trump, even as the world waits for a final count, which may or may not be available by Friday evening.

“This morning it is clear that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will win the White House.”

For all the kvetching Pelosi did about Trump declaring victory prematurely, or refusing to concede, Pelosi has apparently shown few qualms about calling the race for her candidate.

As the press briefing continued, Pelosi said “president-elect Biden has a “strong mandate” to lead the country.

IN what was her only reference to the historic drubbing that just might cost her the speakership early next year, Pelosi said she hopes her members who lost in tough districts should consider running again next cycle.

Meanwhile, Democrats seemingly can’t help touting the victory of Mark Kelly, a former astronaut and husband to former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, who was shot by a psychotic lunatic with a gun.

Finally and ironically, Pelosi echoed President Trump with a familiar “jobs, job, jobs” approaching, touting Biden’s commitment to growing the economy (even though the Democrat has also pledged to shut the whole thing down with nother lockdown).

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Update (1040ET): Georgia’s Secretary of State has confirmed that there will be a recount.



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