Fake Snowden? Fake Greenwald? Was it all a Limited Hangout?

Fake Snowden? Fake Greenwald? Was it all a Limited Hangout?

Today Glenn Greenwald resigned from the overfunded publication, The Intercept, because they refused to publish a Tucker Carlson type hit piece on Biden. Oh, to be a fly on the wall when Greenwald got dressed down…something we had been waiting for since we pegged him as a pure phony long ago.

VT: At the outset, VT picked out Snowden and Assange as ‘limited hangouts.’  Both were in love with Israel and their blockbuster leaks were always chickenfeed filled with bits of fabricated material that only served the interests of the Mossad.

It was Greenwald that began peddling the hoaxes about Biden the rapist, comparing him as “worse than Trump.”  We knew then something was very wrong.  Greenwald has been one of Trump’s biggest apologists, next to Sean Hannity.

Greenwald’s “one man crusade” has been to use his position to put a fake “left wing” brand on right wing and Israeli or Russian based hoax attacks on Biden.

For a decade or more, we have watched a stream of Google promoted and often extremely highly paid fake journalists delve into 9/11 or Israeli crimes, hogging the limelight with gutless “wallpaper,” the definition of “limited hangout.”


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