Macron: ‘Turkey is no longer a partner in the Mediterranean region.’

Κρατικά ΜΜΕ Ρωσία

 3 ώρ. 

The Med-7 Summit is not a French holiday camp, but a meeting of 7 EU leaders from Mediterranean countries held in Corsica, and things are tense.

French President Emmanuel Macron declared that ‘Turkey is no longer a partner in the Mediterranean region.’ That isn’t going to go down well in the joint canteen at NATO where they are very much supposed to be partners.

Macron doubled down by saying: “We must be tough with the Turkish government and not with the Turkish people who deserve more than the Erdoğan government.”

The Turkish Foreign Ministry dismissed comments by EU states at the meeting “detached from reality,” but insists it remains open to discussing Mediterranean issues.

The tensions are because Greece and Turkey have overlapping claims to potential energy resources in the eastern Mediterranean and have recently resorted to waving their weapons at each other in a show of strength in order to claim the riches.

The two can’t even decide whether they’ve been talking or not at the moment. After Turkey said military delegations from both sides held a meeting at NATO Headquarters to discuss how to prevent possible military engagement, Greece denied it ever happened.