BOMBSHELL: The World Bank sold COVID-19 test kits to Greece and other countries in…2017!!!

BOMBSHELL: The World Bank sold COVID-19 test kits to Greece and other countries in…2017!!!

-by John Kountouris | Feb. 26, 2020 | 11:48am, Los Angeles | Find me on Social Media!: Facebook • Twitter • Instagram • LinkedIn • Youtube

According to a article from 2017, we read the following, retroactive, shocking revelations…

Medical Test kits (300215) exports by country in 2017

Additional Product information: Diagnostic reagents based on immunological reactions
Category: Medical Test kits/ Instruments, apparatus used in Diagnostic Testing
The data here track previously existing medical devices that are now classified by the World Customs Organization as critical to tackling COVID-19.

Change selection (Reporter, Year, Trade Flow, Partner and HS 6 digit Product)

In 2017, Top exporters of Medical Test kits are Switzerland ($23,684,716.51K , 2,538,500 Kg), Germany ($17,464,406.19K , 7,242,210 Kg), European Union ($16,940,789.16K , 8,953,990 Kg), United States ($8,283,146.64K , 7,020,260 Kg), Ireland ($6,356,054.92K , 590,259 Kg).

Medical Test kits imports by country in 2017

HS Nomenclature used HS 2017
HS Code 300215: Medical Test kits
HS Classification Reference based on Covid-19 medical supplies list 2nd edition, prepared by World Customs Organization (WCO) and World Health Organization (WHO)

Please note: Exports is gross exports and Imports is gross imports

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The proof of this preplanned…PLANDEMIC just keeps rolling in. If the World Bank and world governments as of 2017 knew of a danger of a “pandemic” breaking out with the name…COVID-19, WHY THEN WERE WE NOT NOT WARNED, SIMULTANEOUSLY???!!! As you read above from a World Bank article from 2017, the ordering of these medical tests was “critical to tackling COVID-19.”
It was all prepared in ADVANCE according to a Rockefeller Institute Report published in 2010 (click here) with the title “SCENARIOS FOR THE FUTURE DEVELOPMENT OF TECHNOLOGY AND INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT” where they predicted everything that going on today to a T, from the fake “outbreak” of a “virus” to the face masks as well as all the major economic ramification of all of this!

Read also Eustace Mullins’ book “MURDER BY INJECTION” (published in the ’80s) where he exposed the completely corrupt American Medical Association, along with all the drug companies. In it he describes another fake pandemic, the “swine flu pandemic” of 1976, where Ford’s government claimed at that time that a soldier in Fort Dix has “caught” this “flu”which began to go…”viral,” so to speak, and “infect” many. None of that was ever proven. What WAS, however, proven was the fact that when the first ~2,000 people went to get…VACCINATED for this (the vaccines were already pretty much READY at that time),…well…THEY, INSTANTLY, DROPPED DEAD and this was, of course, covered up by Ford’s administration!!!
Even the mainstream media at that time was forced to coverup all the fallout from these lethal vaccines which hadn’t even been test beforehand. See the below 60 Minutes clip for more…
Download the book for free and…”ENJOY” IT. The parallels between the then “swine flu” and the “coronavirus pandemic” are pretty telling I must say. The elites have been pulling these kind of stunts for many, many years because they obviously want the majority of us…OUT OF THE WAY. 
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