4 Police Officers Gunned Down By Coward – #GeorgeFloyd #Protests2020

4 Police Officers Gunned Down By Coward – #GeorgeFloyd #Protests2020


Four police officers in St. Louis, Missouri, were ambushed by a cowardly Antifa sniper, randomly gunned down just after midnight. During the day, the organized George Floyd “demonstrations” are relatively peaceful but when the sun goes down, the animals come out.

Four officers gunned down

The civil unrest and riots which began in the wake of George Floyd’s murder in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is spreading faster than the Wuhan coronavirus across the nation. Professional agitators and progressive organizers have been fanning the flames of violence and destruction. Night after night organized looters have burned and sacked American cities. Now innocent officers are being gunned down simply for trying to keep the peace and protect their citizens.

Across the region surrounding St. Louis, Monday’s gatherings were well attended. One rally in O’Fallon “drew upward of 2,000 people and featured marchers walking arm-in-arm with police officers.” Then the sun dipped below the horizon.

Along with the darkness comes evil. That’s when the protest signs get traded for Molotov cocktails and it’s “a burning and a looting tonight.” Shortly after midnight, four male officers forming a skirmish line near 16th and Olive streets were shot. Chief John Hayden believes, “some coward randomly shot at the police line.”

Injuries not life threatening

All four of the out-gunned officers were taken to a nearby hospital where and remained conscious. None of their injuries are believed to be serious. At a news conference in the early hours of the morning, Hayden reported that “two officers were shot in the leg, one was shot in the foot and one more was shot in the arm.”

Chief Hayden was still trying to make sense out of the “mayhem” of the night before. “I don’t know what else to say. This is horrible.” Local news St. Louis Today described that as the sun rose Tuesday morning, “the faint smell of tear gas still hung in the air near where the officers where shot.”

All along Tucker Boulevard, “businesses were looted.” Evidence of weapon firings were everywhere. “shell casings and bullets still littered the ground and piles of ash dotted the street where trash containers and other debris had been set ablaze.” It was another day of cleanup for the neighborhood residents.

Nearby, the 7-Eleven “was looted and set afire about 9:30 p.m.” When firefighters tried to put it out, they were “slowed by protesters in responding to the fire.” Antifa types were “lying down in the street” and “trash cans were rolled into the street that became obstacles for fire trucks to maneuver around.” Several businesses in the area had been “burglarized and vandalized, including Fresh Image, a frozen yogurt store, and Sprint and Boost stores.”

The looters had to do it they insist. “We tried to be peaceful already and that didn’t work,” Dustin Johnson, a 20-year-old downtown resident, declared just before the police were gunned down.

Source: https://newspushed.com/4-police-officers-gunned-down-by-coward/


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