Fake George Floyd protestors outed by Good Morning America – They’re hired as “professional agitators”!


“Professional Agitators” charged with throwing molotov cocktails…

ABC News just came came out with this report exposing George Soros’ little agents of evil who are protesting for a supposed “dead” black guy, George Floyd, who is nothing more than a…PAID AGENT of the SYSTEM, a…CRISIS ACTOR (who also appears in…PORNO FLICKS), along with the “cop,” Derek Chauvin, who “killed him.”

Basically, in a nutshell, someone found an unlocked cellphone of one of the “protestors” and in it they found some already downloaded emails from these “protestors”…HANDLERS that said that they can make…MONEY if they show up as…”PROTESTORS.” Well fancy that!

For more on this staged, FAKE event, meant to serve as yet another…PRETEXT for the government to bring in…MARITAL LAW, read also the following…

Meet Floyd the…LANDLORD. George Floyd’s…OTHER JOB: A PORN STAR.

George Floyd: Another…FAKE, New-World-Order STUNT, FALSE FLAG to deceive Americans for their further ENSLAVEMENT


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