Intel Drop: Muslim Brotherhood and Masonic plot to Conquer Islamic World

Intel Drop: Muslim Brotherhood and Masonic plot to Conquer Islamic World

The Muslim Brotherhood is the birth of Freemasonry! Short document on the attempts of a member of the Muslim Brotherhood to use Freemasonry to promote the Brotherhood.

Beirut, 12/5/1949:

I learned from Antoine Catafago, head of the Nour Libnan (Light of Lebanon) Lodge, which is part of the Greater Syrian-Lebanese Lodge, that Sheikh Ahmad Yousef Hamoud who, as I mentioned in a previous report, is a Freemason and member of this Lodge, suggested that he invite a large number of Muslim Brothers to join his Lodge because once they join and assume the leading position, its influence will be strengthened and its revenues will increase; but that he refused.

Antoine Catafago explained to me his theory thus: ‘The objective behind Ahmad Hamoud’s proposal is to use Freemasonry for political aims, namely to further the interests of the Muslim Brothers. He, however, wants us to believe that his actions towards this end are illegal and could lead to chaos, as has happened in Egypt. This is why I rejected his proposal and decided to create obstacles to prevent him – i.e. Sheikh Ahmad Hamoud- from attending our Lodge.

The Muslim Brotherhood is the birth of Freemasonry!

Many are ignorant and may not believe the suspicious relationship between the Muslim Brotherhood and “Freemasonry” or those who call themselves “Free Builders”, this mysterious organization attributed in most words to the “Hiram,” the Jewish architect and architect who oversaw the construction of the Temple of Solomon, The Knights Templar who participated in the Crusades, and another to the engineering of the seven wonders, but this legendary structure remains a cornerstone of all their Zionist intellectual system, relying on the commandments of the Old Testament as a Constitution and renewed by the Jewish priest “James Anderson” in 1723 and working to this day, making History.

It starts from the reign of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, and Solomon until King James I, and that Freemasonry was formed with the Jews who emigrated with Moses, while the commandments of “James” do not conflict with the commandments of the Old Testament, but give it a global expansion and spread.

Whatever the ambiguity of this organization that presents itself through slogans it aims to dissolve religions and abolish their privacy in a way that allows them to dominate the world order, which is consistent with the protocols of the Elders of Zion.

The question here is…

What is the relationship of the Muslim Brotherhood to this suspicious organization?

There is no doubt that the Muslim Brotherhood is the birth of a mysterious international fraternal organization founded by the World Zionist under attractive slogans as a poison in honey, and the story starts from the Masonic Forum in Egypt introduced by Napoleon and continued during the Ottoman era and English colonialism, and was among those who presided over this The forum during the British colonization, the alleged thinker “Jamal al-Din Afghani” Iranian origin Shiite doctrine; the spiritual father and inspiration for the Muslim Brotherhood; may disciple on the idea of ​​his student, “Hassan al-Banna” founder of the group.

It does not know the Afghan! When he reads his biography well, he will find him a prominent member of Freemasonry, surrounded by suspicions in cooperation with the British intelligence; he is mobilizing the Egyptians against colonialism, and at the same time roam the territory of the English without being harmed or prevented, to be used to hit the regimes of the time; For any destination, such as India, a British colony then Russia, Turkey, Iran, Germany, France, and Egypt!

His interest in Freemasonry did not stop at his membership, it may say that the Freemasonry a hundred years ago did not know much of its suspicious targets and may have been deceived by the Afghan; but what about his presidency of the Masonic Forum in Egypt ?! This means that he has reached a higher rank that brings him closer to her secrets because she will not give such a rank to someone who is not close to her and loyal to her!

Someone might say…

The Afghan has separated from them afterward to establish his own forum; but this separation was not a rejection of its ideas; but because it does not have political concerns and perhaps to remove suspicion from them to have political objectives in the first place. Of his disciples! His student, Hassan al-Banna, was inspired by the idea of ​​establishing the group, and I do not want to talk about the suspicions surrounding Hassan al-Banna himself and the various statements that indicate that he belongs to a Jewish family of Moroccan origin, that his family emigrated to Egypt and settled, and that his title is not Banna, but was added relative to I will leave all of this, and I note that the founding of the idea of ​​the group under the religious slogan of the emotions “Muslim Brotherhood” was inspired by the Freemasonry of his teacher and his forum; it is no different in the organization of the organizational structure of the Masonic organization, based on the brotherhood required to sacrifice and recruit every brother To support his brother and was Linh wherever and in any state; this is next to the same position of women and sisters any similarities between the two in dealing with them.

Egyptian lawyer Tharwat al-Kharbawi, who defected from the Muslim Brotherhood, confirms the conformity of the rank structure between the Brotherhood and the Masonic organization, and more importantly, that the Brotherhood does not recognize the homeland or patriotism under the slogan of the nation; this in itself corresponds to the goals of Freemasonry seeking to engineer a single world government; In the hands of world Zionism and Jewish principles!

Thus, if the Brotherhood was founded from the thought of Freemasonry; it was not impossible to be members of the Freemasons also, such as the Egyptian judge Hassan al-Hudaibi, the second guide to the Brotherhood after Hassan al-Banna, which was mentioned by Sheikh Mohammed al-Ghazali, who was defected from the group.

Sayyid Qutb, the most important member and theorist of the Muslim Brotherhood, whose essay underlines his confession “Why I became a Masoniya” was published in the Egyptian Crown newspaper on April 23, 1943, and his extremist ideas are what Al Qaeda, ISIS and Takfiri groups rely on!

It is surprising how a man who believes in the principle of brotherhood, equality and freedom Freemasonry slogans to which he has become a day and night turns into a view that permits murder and destruction in the name of religion! Only if it is used against the religion itself !!

Freemasonry has learned that Islam, with its noble values, can only be fragmented from within by using its name to uphold religious extremist takfiri; and following the policy of “divide and conquer”! Which the Muslim Brotherhood drank well and adopted in its political coloration, and they never mind sacrificing Muslims for the sake of the authoritarian personal interests of those who run this group taking advantage of people’s emotions and their love of Islam!

These Arab revolutions, which began in 2011 and were promoted in the Western media through free propaganda under the name of the “Arab Spring”, are the creation of Zionist intelligence, which was found in Sharifa “Iran” and her daughter “Qatar” in the region as partners for an agreement of interests.

Iran’s dreams of Islamic leadership in the region. The Middle East, while Qatar has a geographic stunting complex, both of which are consistent with the interests of Israel, so they were at the forefront to support the Arab revolutions and behind them hiding Zionism, following the policy of “divide and conquer” by mobilizing sectarian, ethnic and regional until it ends up on the map of the new Middle East; Ah states exhausted poor and fragmented with conflicting

The fact of the organization of the Templars …

How they exploited Christianity for the Temple = Freemasonry and Templars and Kabala = P

When most historians deal with the history of Freemasonry, it dates back to the eighteenth century, where it was officially established in England, but its roots extend to the Crusades, i.e. to the twelfth century where a mysterious way was formed under the name of the Templer knighto.

Although the apparent character of the Crusades was religious, the economic factor was an undeniable strong motivation. Europe was then living in abject poverty, and tourists to the East, especially to the Middle East, were talking about the wealth and well-being of these countries. And open the appetite of the peoples of Europe to invade.

When Pope Urian II, in 1095, called on the kings, princes, and peoples of Europe to save the Holy Land in Palestine from the hands of Muslims, everyone came to meet his call, and thus formed a crusader army .. The evidence that the religious factor was not the only motive that this crusader army looted the cities he went through Even if these cities are Christian.

For example, Constantinople (Istanbul), one of the most famous Christian cities, was looted by the Crusader army in the Fifth Crusade.

ISA soldiers:

We are not here to describe the brutality that characterized these armies and the numerous massacres they inflicted on Muslims, this is a long talk, which is not our subject here, but say: that these armies when they arrived in Jerusalem in 1099 AD and seized after a short siege caused a terrible massacre of its Muslim population And Jews, it is enough to refer to the book “August Cree” August c. Krey to know the scandals committed by the Crusader army in Jerusalem (1).

But it became important for the Crusader army to preserve these lands they had taken, which stretched from Palestine to Antioch and established a Crusader state in it. So some military routes emerged, the owners of which emigrated from Europe to Palestine, where they first lived the monks, but they were They practice fighting to fight against Muslims.

But one of these roads took a different route … This method was later known as “Templer Knighto” was formed in 1118 AD was also called “soldiers of Jesus and the Temple of Solomon poor” …

Temple Knights:

This method started with nine members and then expanded, and the reason for the name of this method was associated with the Temple of Solomon because they took the hill next to the ruins of the Temple of Solomon as their headquarters, and soon these poor soldiers gained great wealth by guarding the Christian pilgrims coming to Palestine and took them large sums of them …

Poor soldiers turned to the rich, and this method began to lend to usury and even they are among the first to establish some kind of existing riba-based banks with the giving of Sukuk.

But we must point out that these knights of the temple were among the cruelest people against Muslims, and participated in the most terrible massacres against them, so when the hero Salah al-Din defeated the Crusaders at the Battle of Hattin in 1187 and regained the city of Jerusalem from their hands, forgive most Christians, and did not forgive the Knights The temple but executed them (2).

Although the Templars weakened in Palestine after the defeat of Hattin, they maintained their presence in Europe and became more influential over time, especially in France, until they became a “state within a state” in many European countries, and this caused concern to kings and rulers.

The breakup of the contract:

Finally, French King Philip and Pope Clement V declared that this method was forbidden, and its members were arrested in 1307. Although some of them managed to escape, most of their members were arrested. During the long trials that followed, they admitted that they had already abandoned the Christian religion and insulted Jesus and his mother, so their leaders were executed, led by the “great professor” Jacques Moulay. Jacques de Molay in 1314, and the rest of the prison, Vnfrt held this association in France.

But these trials and executions could not eliminate the Templars, some of them managed to flee from France refugees to Ireland and its king, Robert Bruce, who was the only king in Europe outside the Pope’s command and influence and control, and there they regrouped again, but they found A new way of hiding from sight and secretly continue in their activity, and infiltrated the organization “Banayakn” and was one of the strongest civil forums in Britain at the time, and quickly took control of it completely (3) and then changed the name of this forum to “Masonic forum.”

Continued activity:

Therefore, the Templars did not disappear but continued their activities and beliefs under the roof of the “Masonic Forum” and Masons in Turkey recognize this relationship between the Templars and Freemasonry. 81 By Ender Arkun under the title “A Quick Look at the Freemasons’ Efforts in Intellectual Development” … that is, today’s Freemasons with their beliefs and philosophy are an extension of the “Templars.”

But what is the philosophy and doctrines of the Templars? Why did they deviate from the Christian religion and become a misguided and perverted doctrine? What led them to this deviation, when they were living in Jerusalem?

Two British Masonic writers, Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas have long researched the roots of Freemasonry published in The Hiram Key. They agree that the origin and origin of Freemasonry belong to the Templars.

What are the roots of the beliefs of these knights? “…

These writers say…

There is no evidence that the Knights of the Temple were protecting Christian pilgrims, but we have strong evidence that they carried out many excavations near the ruins of the Temple of Herod (a temple built as a return to the Temple of Solomon and in the same place)


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