Are NY “Suicides” of Dr. Lorna Breen and John Mondello Linked to Covid Murders?

REAL HISTORY CHANNEL: Are NY “Suicides” Linked to Covid Murders?

Are NY “Suicides” Linked to Covid Murders?

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Dr. Lorna Breen & EMT John Mondello

NYC “Suicides” Linked to Covid Mass Murders?


-by Mike King

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NY Times: Top E.R. Doctor Who Treated Virus Patients Dies by Suicide

NY Post: FDNY EMT Takes His Own Life


For the 2nd time in just three days, a New York City medical worker has allegedly committed “suicide” over being “distraught” about the Stupid-19 crisis. The “Editorial Board” of The Anti-New York Times smells a New York City rat here and, admittedly without hard evidence, believe both of these deaths to be MURDERS. The very thought that an Emergency Room physician, Dr. Lorna Breen — and an Emergency Medical Technician, John Mondello — all-of-a-sudden discovered that they could no longer emotionally handle the sight of the bloodless deaths of perfect strangers — and just had to kill themselves over it — is laughable on its face.

Let’s explore this.

The back-to-back “suicides” of Breen & Mondello are big news in New York City — yet neither the newspapers, nor the TV news broadcasts, nor the normies who worship them are asking any questions.

Adding to the mystery of these two “Covid-related” suicides is the fact that, by all accounts, both Breen and Mondello were known as happy, upbeat people with no known history of depression or emotional problems. The Post article on Mondello:  “A friend and fellow graduate described him as ‘always very peppy, very happy.’”

And, according to an anonymous source:

“He (Mondello) was lying face up with the weapon still in his hand, a gunshot wound under his chin, witnesses said.”

As for Dr. Breen, who returned to CIA / Charlottesville Virginia after having gotten sick in New York, she too was known as a happy person and also a devout Christian. From the Slimes article:

“Aside from work, Dr. Breen filled her time with friends, hobbies and sports, friends said. She was an avid member of a New York ski club and traveled regularly out west to ski and snowboard. She was also a deeply religious Christian who volunteered at a home for older people once a week, friends said. Once a year, she threw a large party on the roof deck of her Manhattan home.” (emphasis added — Editor’s note: “Deeply religious Christians” believe that suicide is a horrible sin and one-way ticket to Hell!)

…. she enjoyed salsa dancing. She was a lively presence, outgoing and extroverted, at work events, the colleague said.”

Now, the kicker – which ties back to what EMT (Ambulance) worker Mondello was witnessing:

“She had described an onslaught of patients who were dying before they could even be taken out of ambulances. (emphasis added)

As yours truly learned (after the fact) from the sad experience of losing my mother in 2015, the ambulance EMT’s are often “in on it.”

1. The story of a “very happy and very peppy” EMT who killed himself by the river because Stupid-19 had saddened him too much does not ring true. Just quit your job if you can’t handle seeing people die! // 2. Dr. Breen — a happy and “lively” experienced doctor and Christian — is said to have killed herself because she was “crushed” that she was not able to save patients. Yeah, sure.

Regular readers of the ANYT are already aware of the impossibly disproportionate amount of Stupid-19 deaths being reported in New York City and the reasons for it (here). About a week after we published that piece, two videos surfaced to support our logical inferences with hard testimony. One was of a 49 year-old woman leaving a gut-wrenching “good-bye, I love you” message, in Spanish, on a relative’s phone – in which she indicated that people on her floor were being injected and dying soon afterwards; and that she herself had just been injected. She did indeed die soon afterwards (accuracy of translation is confirmed).

Another video surfaced just a few days ago, in which an out-of-state nurse, speaking on behalf of a frightened nurse friend who had gone to New York City to help – relayed to her that patients are being “murdered” in large numbers by “being left to rot” through deliberate neglect – greatly facilitated by the sad fact that family members are not allowed in to see their loved ones. Though the testimony is 3rd party, both the demeanor of the speaker, her evident medical knowledge, and the facts revealed manifest, to this reporter, the unmistakable ring of truth. Kudos to the Daily Mail (UK) for reporting on this video (here)

Both audio / videos linked below. Have a look at them later, after you finish this article — and judge for yourself.

Removed from You Tube. Click on image to listen to original audio. (in Spanish — translation confirmed)

Under the Reign of Red Terror of Communist Governor Andrew Cuomo and Communist Mayor Bill de Blasio, the elderly and even the younger poor of New York City are being mass slaughtered. The more that die, the more money that these two anti-Trump ghouls expect in “Federal Relief.” MediCare further incentives this genocide by paying out extra money for each Covid case; still more money for each patient placed on a lung busting ventilator; and still more for the final morphine kill shot (aka palliative care) — not to mention the savings to the bankrupt Medicare, Medicaid and Socialist Insecurity Pyramid schemes.

The step-by-step killing process begins in the ambulance ride to the hospital — which Mondello likely became aware of and Dr. Breen herself confirmed to her father — and ends in the hospital. We believe that Dr. Breen not only knew too much — but being a devout Christian, a known extrovert and a consummate professional — was probably talking too much as well, or at least threatening to. And probably the same goes for EMT Mondello. That would explain the bizarre back-to-back “suicides” which have so excited (but not at all intrigued!) the New York press – and also why that whistle-blowing nurse on the scene chose to speak through a friend’s video instead of directly.

In response to the bewildered “anti-conspiracy theorist” normies who always mockingly ask: “How can they get so many people to go along with it?” — The answer, on display here, is: If the fear of job loss doesn’t cow those healthcare workers with a conscience into silence – then “suicide” or the threat of “suicide” certainly will.

To close this with a slight twisr suggested by a reader:


Could these people (the suicide victims) never even have existed and were created out of thin air to add to the illusion? This is another possibility.

Hmmm. An interesting hypothesis. Indeed, anything is possible.


For both political and financial reasons, NY Governor Cuomo and NYC Mayor de Blasio need as high of a Stupid-19 death count as possible.


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