Marina Abramovic, Who Recently Met Jacob Rothschild, Stars in New Bill Gates Microsoft Ad

Marina Abramovic, Who Recently Met Jacob Rothschild, Stars in New Bill Gates Microsoft Ad

“Spirit Cooking” artist Marina Abramovic, who was recently photographed with Lord Jacob Rothschild admiring a painting from 1797 titled “Satan Summoning His Legions”, has emerged from the shadows to star in a new commercial for Bill Gates’ Microsoft.

Touted by Microsoft as “the world’s most acclaimed performance artist,” Abramovic appears in the new Windows “Mixed Reality” ad promoting her latest artwork, ‘The Life’:

The video’s description links to an article titled ‘Performance artist Marina Abramovic breaks new ground—in mixed reality,’ which was published on Microsoft’s official website.

An unnamed author begins by showering the “artist” with praise:

Marina Abramović is likely the most acclaimed performance artist living today. Known for risky performances that push the limits of human endurance, it’s difficult to overstate her importance within the art world and pop culture at large.

The promotional piece then goes on to describe her background:

From the 1970s through to the present, she has created dozens of incredibly impactful works that explore themes of courage, ego, endurance, and spirituality. In 2010, her iconic work The Artist Is Present, was the biggest exhibition at New York City’s MoMA ever. In the piece, she sat still for eight hours, every day, for nearly three months, sustaining eye contact with whomever sat across from her.

Lady Gaga and Marina Abramovic at a Spirit Cooking event.
Jay-Z embracing fellow Satanist Marina Abramovich.

Finally, the article explains what ‘The Life’ is about and how those who participate become “mesmerized” by Abramović’s “mindful movements” and “virtual image”:

Marina’s most recent piece, The Life, further solidifies her unconventional and innovative approach to performance art—it’s her first artwork to harness mixed reality. Brought to life with the HoloLens 2, the 19-minute performance follows Abramović, whose phantom-like virtual image appears in a vibrant red dress as she explores the space and its borders. Viewers become mesmerized by her mindful movements, her virtual image dissolving as she interacts with the installation’s borders.


For the first time, viewers are able to experience performance art without boundaries—and without the artist technically being “present.” As soon as they don the HoloLens 2 headset, Abramović’s fully realized form takes shape before their eyes.

As of Sunday evening, the YouTube video has over 50,000 views, 470 likes and 7,000 dislikes.

Microsoft has disabled the video’s comments – possibly because they are worried about what some viewers might reveal regarding Abramovic’s suspicious connections to both Hollywood and political elites.

Marina Abramovic posing with Lord Jacob Rothschild, who is also a lover of the “arts.” The painting behind them just happens to be “Satan summoning his Legions” (1797), by Sir Thomas Lawrence.
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