BREAKING: Idaho Formally Bans Trans Biological Males from Girl Sports

BREAKING: Idaho Formally Bans Trans Biological Males from Girl Sports


Per NBC News Idaho Gov. Brad Little on Monday signed into law two anti-transgender bills, making Idaho the first among more than 40 states that have introduced such legislation this year to enact them.

The Republican governor approved legislation that prohibits transgender people from changing the sex listed on their birth certificates, and another that bans transgender girls and women from competing in women’s sports.

TMZ reports the State of Idaho has formally banned transgender girls and women from competing in sports designated for females … and rights groups are PISSED.

Here’s the deal … on Monday, Gov. Brad Little signed off on House Bill 500 — also known as the “Fairness In Women’s Sports Act.”

The Bill says “athletic teams or sports designated for females, women, or girls shall not be open to students of the male sex.” It’s aimed at sports leagues connected to the public school system.

In other words, people born with male reproductive organs — who transition to female — will not be allowed to compete in “women’s” sports.

The issue has made tons of headlines over the past few years — after transgender athletes began competing (and dominating) in events like weightlifting and track and field.

Some experts believe transgender women have a biological advantage because they were born male genes and bone structure.

But the ACLU believes the new bill is wrong and unconstitutional.

“The ACLU of Idaho condemns Governor Brad Little’s decision to sign discriminatory, unconstitutional, and deeply hurtful anti-transgender bills into law.”

“Leaders from the business, faith, medical, education and athletics communities will not forget this decision or what it says about the governor’s priorities during a global pandemic. The ACLU will see the governor in court.”