10 things Greece does better than anywhere else

10 things Greece does better than anywhere else

John Malathronas, CNN • Updated 25th March 2020

CNN) — Greece is spending her National Day — March 25 — in a coronavirus lockdown that Greeks have been remarkably compliant with.
Even the normally popular daily services to mark the pre-Easter period of Lent have been abolished, while weddings and baptisms are being postponed.
But those who know the country well aren’t surprised about its adaption to the restrictive measures — because we Greeks are some of the most health-obsessed people on the planet. Even if it was an English academic who came up with the world “hypochondria,” it’s surely no coincidence he turned to the Greek language to create it.
To help lighten up these dark times and to celebrate the country’s special day, here’s a fun look at the other things Greece does better….


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