Meet the Young Scientist Hoping to Become Greece’s First Astro-….NOT!!! Meet the Young Scientist Hoping to Become Greece’s First Astro-….NOT!!! comments:

Our site for the past several years has led the way in waking up Greeks and non-Greeks, worldwide, to the REALITY that “space” is…FAKE because…we are covered by a…DOME (from which NO ONE can escape) because well live in a…GEODETIC, GEO-CENTERED earth that is…FLAT according to the Biblical model. This, of course, is a major truth that millions upon millions of people around the world have been discovering for years now; a truth that, up until about the turn of the Century, was know to EVERYONE since antiquity but has now been…SUPPRESSED for decades in the Western world. And what’s even more crazy is the fact that this truth is found woven ever-so-craftily throughout …NASA’s own documents!!!

For the best articles on our flat Earth, click HERE or just type in “flat earth” in our search bar on the main page.

Also, check out Russianvids channel on flat earth because he really was one of the very first researchers out there who started making videos on flat earth and waking up millions of people out there…

See also David Weiss’ recent interview on Greek TV on flat earth. He is also a major flat earth researcher who has been covered a lot by mainstream media on this topic. He is also the developer of the first flat earth app.!….

Read the following article. We…REAL Greeks are PROUD of those fellow-Greeks of ours who, YES, strive to be successful and do well in life, but we are also…ASHAMED of those who SELL-OUT to this new world order system -that controls nearly ever aspect of our lives with lies and deception!- for money and “glory.” So we, certainly, hope that this is NOT the case in with the following Greek “astronaut” and we call upon him to…SECOND GUESS and RESEARCH what he’s doing because what’s he’s doing is…MASS DECEPTION not only for the Greek people, …BUT FOR THE WHOLE WORLD!!! Meet the Young Scientist Hoping to Become Greece’s First Astronaut