BEHOLD the Coronavirus…PATENT from 2007!!!

BEHOLD the Coronavirus…PATENT from 2007!!!

-by John Kountouris | April 11, 2019 | 02:13pm | Find me on Social Media!: Facebook • Twitter • Instagram • LinkedIn • Youtube

According to multiple press and activist reports, Bill Gates had already been “predicting” the outbreak of the coronavirus at least two years before the world even knew what it was. Watch now the following video for more….

Gates has a…CRIMINAL history of TERRORIZING the world with his false claims about the the “possibility” of various different viruses breaking out and “killing” millions and millions of people. Listen now to what he was saying about the “Ebola virus” in 2014….

Just last year Gates was saying that the “flu epidemic” could kill 30 million people. See the below video for more…

Watch now the below video where is talks about Gates being aware of the coronavirus for at least…2 YEARS PRIOR TO IT’S “OFFICIAL” RELEASE!!!

And as if this wasn’t all enough, has just uncovered a United States government patent, in conjunction with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, of the…“CORONAVIRUS” published in…2007!!!

We truly hope that the following revelation will finally open up peoples’ eyes to this CRIMINAL FRAUD of our own government that has been in the making for YEARS just like all their other little “viruses” out there!!! See now the following…PATENT…

To read the whole US government report, click HERE.

Also, antiseptic products have ALREADY been on the market for months now, WAY BEFORE the onset of the coronavirus!!!

None of this stuff should come as a “shock” to us because our own government who has admitted to making major viruses before, like the…”AIDS virus”!!! It was US government scientist Dr. Robert Gallo who admitted to this years ago. See now the next video…

See also this excellent report from PRESS FOR TRUTH on the “coronavirus”….