Resolution to recognize the #ArmenianGenocide by TURKS just passed the United States Senate. Greek GENOCIDES are NEXT!

Sen. Bob Menendez: BREAKING: Our resolution to recognize and commemorate the just passed the United States Senate.

Read the below tweet and then our comments….

Our site,, deals with the biggest bombshell news items of the day concerning Greece and the rest of the world. What the…WORLD ALSO NEED TO KNOW is that both Armenians AND GREEKS were butchered and slaughtered by the Turks not just around the turn of the century…BUT FOR 400+ years during the OTTOMAN OCCUPATION OF THE GREEK, BYZANTINE EMPIRE!!!

With regards, however, to the recent Senate passage of the resolution to recognize the Armenian genocides, we must EMPHASIZE here that the SAME MUST BE DONE IN THE CASE OF US GREEKS!!! For example, See the below articles for more….

  1. 2 Nov 1922: Greek Priests Buried Alive by the Turks, Grand Forks Herald

  2. Did the Kemalists sell the bodies of Greeks and Armenians for industrial use?

  3. The Hypocrisy of Israel’s Denial of the Armenian Genocide

  4. Last week, the #Calgary City Council in Canada recognized the #GreekGenocide !!!

  5. The Greek Massacre in İznik (Nicaea), August 1920, by Kemalist forces

ALSO, what the US Congress MUST KNOW, as well as the whole world, is the HISTORICAL FACT that the Turks that carried out these Greek and Armenian genocides, etc., were, indeed, the…YOUNG TURKS, but what most don’t know -yet!- is the fact that the Young Turks were also…JEWISH IN ORIGIN!!! Yes, THAT’S RIGHT…JEWISH. Even Kemal Attaturk ADMITTED to a Jewish newspaper in Israel in 1914 that he was the descendent of Sabbatai Zevi, the…MESSIAH OF THE JEWS, who in…1666, proclaimed himself as such in…TURKEY (the then Ottoman Empire).

As a matter of fact, and to get even deeper into this issue, scholars, historians and researchers have for 100’s of years pointed out the fact that modern-day Jews are actually the descendants of the…KHAZARS, and ancient…TURKIC-MONGOLIC TRIBE that espoused Judaism in 740 A.D.!!!


If you would like the full rundown on the TRUTH about all of these REAL GENOCIDES the Turks AND JEWS did against CHRISTIAN PEOPLES for HUNDREDS OF YEARS, genocides that have be…GENOCIDED (with WHATEVER that entails!), get our book “HELLENIC CRISIS: A CRISIS OF CONSPIRACY AGAINST THE GREEKS” where we go over in major details how the whole world has been DELUDED into believing the LIES of the Turks and Jews for so many years when, in REALITY, it was THEM ALL ALONG THAT WERE THE ONES HOLOCAUSTING AND….GENOCIDING NATIONS AROUND THE WORLD NOT JUST THE PAST 100 YEARS….BUT FOR CENTURIES…!!!

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