Greek Genocide conference in Athens: Top Greek media sources WON’T call our genocides…GREEK!

Greek Genocide conference in Athens: Top Greek media sources WON’T call our genocides…GREEK! commentas: This NOT “ignorance” on the part of the “Greek” media and “Greek” government, but….TREASON! They know DAMN WELL to use the term GREEK when referring to ANY type of Greek genocide–and there were MANY. We are talking about people that have…SOLD THEMSELVES to an ANTI-GREEK AGENDA!!! These TRAITORS DO NOT WANT TO OFFEND THE TURKS!!!

On the weekend a Greek Genocide conference was held in Athens bringing together an impressive list of scholars from around the world. It was a step in the right direction. Speakers generally used inclusive language acknowledging the genocide of Greeks throughout all of Ottoman Turkey and the conference website URL clearly and rightly described the conference as a “Greek” Genocide: see Yet despite this, several Greek media sources including eKathimierini, Greek Reporter and the National Herald all published news reports describing the conference as a “Pontian genocide”[sic] conference. Not a single Greek news source described the conference using its official and inclusive title. It’s worth noting that Greece’s Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis attended and made a welcome speech in which he spoke exclusively about the suffering of the Pontic Greeks. At no stage did he bother to even acknowledge the genocide of Greeks from the various other regions, even though the conference was organized to highlight the suffering of all Greeks.

This clearly highlights the ignorance, the confusion and the lack of strategy of today’s Greeks with regards the genocide. Was it a Greek Genocide? Or a Pontian Genocide? The Greek media clearly have no idea what it was and they perpetuate confusion and embarrass Greeks worldwide. The Greek Prime Minister, who met with Pontic Greeks earlier this year before the elections, and who promised the Pontic Greek lobby that he would push the issue of the genocide if he were elected, only speaks publicly about the genocide of Pontic Greeks. In doing so, he not only alienates all other Greek victim groups but he further divides and confuses Greek society and further embarrasses Greeks on the world stage. How can we expect Turkey to acknowledge the genocide when Greek leaders and the Greek media have no idea who the victims were and which regions were affected?

On a positive note, the conference on the weekend was organized by Pontic Greeks and was an attempt to present to the world a genocide of Greeks throughout Ottoman Turkey. All that’s required now is to ensure the Pontic lobby continues with this inclusive tone and the Greek Prime Minister is advised that Greeks throughout Ottoman Turkey were victims and deserve recognition, not just the Pontic Greeks. The Greek media must also clean up its act and consider employing qualified journalists who fact check before writing articles that misreport and confuse the public.

We live in hope.