Greece wins European creditors’ approval to repay IMF early

Greece wins European creditors’ approval to repay IMF early comments: Greece is one of the…FOUNDING MEMBERS of the IMF and is ENTITLED to borrow at a rate of around 0.02% according to the ORIGINAL CHARTER AGREEMENT signed by Greece, the IMF and other countries. This has all been BYPASSED ILLEGALLY so that the IMF can…SCREW Greece. The whole “Greek crisis,” too, in general, is a FRAUD, based on a FAKE financial data (a ballooned greek debt and deficit) the was conjured up in 2010 by the head of the then Greek statistical authority, Andreas Georgiou in co-operation with the IMF, and was used as a pretext by which to put Greece under the control of the Troika!

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ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Greece has won approval from its European creditors to repay part of its debts to the International Monetary Fund earlier than required, thus avoiding cumbersome interest payments.

Monday’s decision also spares Greece the obligation of having to make a massive early repayment to the Europeans too, whose loans carry lighter interest than the IMF ones.

Finance Minister Christos Staikouras said the decision would improve Greek debt sustainability and boost market confidence in the country which underwent a painful financial crisis in 2010.

From 2010-2018, Greece survived on bailout loans from its European partners and the IMF. In return, it balanced its budget, slashing spending and hiking taxes.

The country proposes to repay 2.7 billion euros ($3 billion) to the IMF that carry an average annual interest rate of 4.9%.