Brexit: Opposition MPs agree strategy to block no deal

Brexit: Opposition MPs agree strategy to block no deal

Opposition MPs say they will try to block no deal by passing legislation in Parliament.

Jeremy Corbyn says opposition MPs will take the first steps towards trying to pass a law blocking a no-deal Brexit when Parliament returns next week.

The Labour leader was speaking after meeting other opposition leaders to discuss ways of averting a no deal.

The move could force the PM to ask the EU for a further Brexit delay, beyond the current 31 October deadline.

A No 10 source accused the MPs of “seeking to sabotage the UK’s position” in talks with Brussels.

Those talks were “now making progress”, the source added.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has urged the EU to re-open the withdrawal deal reached with Theresa May, and to make key changes that would allow it to be passed by Parliament.

But he has insisted the UK will be leaving on 31 October even if no new agreement is reached.

Could MPs block no deal through law?

At present, the default position in law is that the UK leaves the EU on 31 October with or without a deal.

MPs opposed to no deal want to pass a new law to change that.

They have already done that once – in April, faced with the possibility of a no-deal exit on the original Brexit date of 29 March, they passed a law forcing Theresa May to ask for an extension to the UK’s EU membership.


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