APlaneTruth: PG&E symbol represents…. #DirectedEnergyWeapons!

APlaneTruth: PG&E symbol represents…. #DirectedEnergyWeapons!!!

On his way out as governor of California, governor Jerry Brown relieved ALL utility companies from any and ALL liability for the fires in California!!! This is HUGE if you understand how PG&E Electric has been implicated in the cause of the fires, particularly when it comes to…DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS…LAZER WEAPONS THAT WERE THE REAL CAUSE BEHIND THE FIRES, NOT “DOWNED POWER LINES”!!! THAT WAS JUST A PRETEXT!!!

If you still don’t know what these laser weapons are, FIND OUT from the Youtube channel “APlaneTruth2”!!!

DE-Energizing CA and The GREAT REDWOOD RR LINE A’ Comin’ Through the Fires…