Theresa May to face vote of no confidence from Tory MPs

The prime minister vows to fight for her job and warns that a change would put Brexit at risk – as a majority of Tory MPs say they will back her…

UK Prime Minister Theresa May faces a vote of confidence in her leadership later after 48 of her Conservative MPs called for one to be held.

But a defiant Mrs May vowed to contest the vote “with everything I have got”.

She warned that a new prime minister would be faced with the choice of “delaying or even stopping Brexit”.

A majority of Tory MPs have publicly said they will back the PM in the vote, which runs for two hours from 18:00 GMT, but it is a secret ballot.

A result is expected fairly quickly after the voting finishes.

Mrs May is expected to address a meeting of backbench Conservative MPs just before voting begins – and a party spokesman suggested part of her message would be that the vote was not “about who leads the party into the next election”, but about whether now was the right time for a change.

Can she survive the confidence vote?

Immediate statements of loyalty for the prime minister were issued by every member of her cabinet, including several who have been touted as possible successors.

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