Theresa May’s Brexit deal is doomed – Sir Michael Fallon

The agreement must be improved, the ex-minister says, as the PM also comes under attack from the DUP…

Theresa May’s Brexit deal is “doomed” and must be renegotiated, ex-defence secretary Sir Michael Fallon has said.

Sir Michael launched a scathing attack on the proposed EU agreement, saying it was the “worst of all worlds” and the PM’s future was “up to colleagues”.

The prime minister is visiting Wales and Northern Ireland to argue her deal will bring certainty to business.

DUP leader Arlene Foster told BBC News the trip was a “waste of time” as Parliament would not support her deal.

Mrs Foster, whose party has a parliamentary pact with the Conservatives to support the government, said Mrs May had “given up” on trying to secure a better deal for Northern Ireland.

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