President Donald Trump in Northern California to see California wildfires. Visits an operations center. | #DirectedEnergyWeapons

FOX NEWS: President Donald J. Trump is in Northern California to see the devastation from the California wildfires. 

President Donald J. Trump visits an operations center in Northern California to see the devastation caused by the Camp Fire.

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See the live feed below. The government won’t tell you that behind these fires…IS THE SAME! For more on this, read also are below articles which blow this whole thing right open revealing how what’s taking place here with the fires is the Deep State’s and UN’s sinister Agenda 21 which ALL the member nations have signed off on over the years which entails curbing the population by an enormous percentage and getting residents out of the mountainous, rural areas and concentrating them in the big cities so they, along with the rest of the population, can be more…MANAGEABLE IN THE HANDS OF THE ELITE that run the show BEHIND THE SCENES!!!….

Earlier today Trump was at the scene of the CRIME….