Lockheed Martin Directed Energy Weapons in relation to the #CaliforniaFires

Lockheed Martin Directed Energy Weapons in relation to the… #CaliforniaFires

“Ite, inflammate omnia”, “Go, set the world on fire.” – Ignatius Loyola, Jesuit Founder

In our article “LAZER WEAPONS USED IN CALIFORNIA FIRES!!! 100% PROOF!!!” we clearly demonstrate and PROVE 100% that the California “fires” and not just fires but, as the media describes them, fire…STORMS which… RAGE with unbelievable fury and intensity and whose fallout is NOT what anyone would expect, on a scientific basis, from NORMALLY lit fires. These “fires” are anything but “normal”: they are directed-energy-weapons-induced fires that wreak unbelievable havoc and cause damage that is beyond what any naturally causes fire can accomplish like (1) melt metals of various kinds (aluminum, etc) (2) melt glass (3) crack through cement and much more.

We have seen all of this in the case of not only the California fires, but also in the case of many other fires in that past few years all over the world, including the Greece fires near Athens. I was there this past July and let me tell you, the damage that was caused there was JUST LIKE what I describe above–not to mention the fact that the damage was…HIT-AND-MISS, TARGETED, ETC., JUST LIKE WHAT ALL THE THOUSANDS OF INTERNET RESEARCHERS OUT THERE ARE SAYING ABOUT THE FIRES.

The below video is done by Lockheed Martin which needs no introduction. In this video, staff members and scientists describe EXACTLY and CONFIRM 100% what these interest researchers have been saying about the the fact that the US Army now has laser weapons that can…OBLITERATE ANYTHING they find in front of them. In September 2017, FOX News (click here) did a major report on the fact that the US Defense Department now posses very powerful Directed Energy Weapons which can…OBLITERATE ANYTHING they find in front of them. About 10 days later fires break out in Santa Rosa, California where we saw…EXACTLY THAT with…LASER BEAMS HITTING THE GROUND THERE (here) while people tried to escape with their lives!!!

Watch the video below and make your own conclusions….

Watch now this video from Oct. 2017…


Read now the following were we give proof that it was, INDEED, some sort of laser/microwave weapon that hit, and is …CONTINUING TO HIT. all of California….