AZ’s Dem Senator, Kyrsten Sinema, ‘Fought To Protect Men Who Had Sex With Children’

AZ’s Dem Senator ‘Fought To Protect Men Who Had Sex With Children’

Democrat Kyrsten Sinema, Arizona’s newly elected first female Senator, fought to protect criminals who had sex with child prostitutes and later took tens of thousands of dollars from the founders of an alleged sex trafficking website.

The revelation of Sen. Sinema’s disturbing past was made in an ad targeting her that aired before the midterm election, showing footage of her downplaying the seriousness of child prostitution because, according to her, “some of these children look older than me.”

Local Arizona media fact-checked the ad and found that it was true and also found that Sinema’s defense of her voting record was misleading.

What [Sinema’s campaign is] saying is that she ended up voting for this bill. Which is true … however, it was written in a way that allowed that defense,” CBS 5 Political Editor Dennis Welch said during the fact check. “To say ‘Look, Judge, I didn’t know that they were under 18.’ If you could show there was no way that you could possibly know they were under 18, you could use that argument. So she had voted for that, after that provision was taken out.”

Daily Wire reports: Even worse, it appears that Sinema still does not want to crack down harder on criminals who use child prostitutes as her campaign’s statement was “vaguely worded and you can’t really tell whether or not she changed her mind,” Welch added.

Sinema took nearly $34,000 from prominent Democratic donor Ed Buck, “who has come under scrutiny after a male escort died of a drug overdose at his California home last year,” AZ Central reported.

Sinema also took over $53,000 from people connected to Backpage, a website that was recently shut down by the U.S. government for its alleged role in helping to facilitate sex trafficking.

Baxter Dmitry

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