FAKE Pittsburgh shooting a MOSSAD false flag. Rabbi Berkun met with TRAITOR Jonathan Pollard!

FAKE Pittsburgh shooting a 100% MOSSAD false flag. Rabbi Berkun met with TRAITOR Jonathan Pollard!

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Also, to all the nice Jewish people out there that don’t have anything to do with these rabid Zionists who are pushing for GUN CONTROL and the…NEW WORLD ORDER, ….STOP BEING PLAYED FOR FOOLS BY YOUR LEADERS! TIME TO WAKE UP JUST LIKE THE REST OF US!!!….

This whole FAKE, JEW-INDUCED FALSE FLAG SHOOTING is nothing more than one whole…GUN-GRABBING FALSE narrative which just keeps coming apart at the seems because it’s….FULL OF HOLES–PUN INTENDED! Just the fact that Rabbi Alvin Berkun along with a bunch of other rabbis went in 2013 to visit the arch-TRAITOR of America Jonathan Pollard (who sold all our nuclear secrets to Israel) is enough for an investigation to be launched into this PATENTLY OBVIOUS FAKE SHOOTING meant to be used as …YET ANOTHER PRETEXT for the tyrannical US “government” of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION, run by the Deep State (which controls the president of this corp. Donald-sold-out-to-the-Jewish-mafia-Trump who’s TOUTING this fake story due to the fact he’s….BEHOLDEN to the Jewish mob bosses running the…SHOW from behind the scenes), to take away our RIGHTS, particularly our….GUNS! BANG! BAM! BOOM!
Ugh….EXCUSE ME….JONATHAN POLLARD WAS/IS AND WILL…ALWAYS BE A TRAITOR and here you have these JEWISH TRAITORS going and…ENCOURAGING HIM while he was still in prison!!! I don’t give a DAMN what you believe about the FAKE, TERRORIST state of “Israel”–THAT’S HIGH TREASON AND DESERVES DEATH!!! And all you DUPES out there still trust MOSSAD AGENT “Rabbi” Berkun just because he’s…JEWISH??? WTF???!!!
Contrary to what you’ve been told about Jews, the TRUTH is is that (1) they are NOT the “Jews” of the Old Testament but the descendants of the KHAZARS (click here for more) (2) the have cause ALL the evil in the world and that’s precisely the reason why they were kicked out of CHRISTIAN EUROPE over 100 times from the 4th Cen. A.D. to the Turn of the Century. See the below video. THIS ONLY HAPPENED TO…THEM and NO OTHER PEOPLE. GEE….WHY IS THAT???


These blood-sucking rabbis are part of the…MOSSAD which is behind this LIE with…TRUMP’S CONSENT!!! OMG…WHAT’A “SHOCK”!!! WAKE THE HELL UP, DUMB AMERICANS!!! MANY OF YOU DID SEE THE MOVIE…”THE MATRIX,” DIDN’T YOU??? WEEEEEEEEEEELL??? Bank of America came out with a study a few years ago stating that there’s a 50% chance we all live in a…MATRIX controlled by the elite!!! NO FREAKIN’ WAY!!!, right???
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Does it interest any of us to know that they VERY SAME JEWS pulling off these FAKE “SHOOTINGS” are the…VERY SAME ONES that did…9/11??? OOOOOOOOOH YES, BABY!!! The following to videos demonstrate all this with FACTS. For example, former World Trade Center owner, Larry Silverstein, who was ALSO behind 9/11, just so happens to be friends with…DONALD TRUMP!!!




Of course we have many brave, sincere Jews out there like the great Jewish journalist….CARL BERSTEIN who said a few years ago that is was the…JEWISH NEO-CONS who aided Bush W. in pulling off….9/11….!!!


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