Monday was labeled as a “new low” for CNN by conservative strategist Chris Barron and that was before Saavedra unearthed Lemon’s comment. The same day, anchor Jake Tapper didn’t push back when far-left GQ Magazine columnist Julia Ioffe declared that Trump “has radicalized so many more people than ISIS.”

Ioffe eventually apologized and was allowed to go back on CNN later in the evening, where she made another batch of controversial remarks.During a conversation about anti-Semitism and racism on “CNN Tonight,” Ioffe declared that Trump supporters condone heated rhetoric turning into hate.

“You can’t overestimate the power of the bully pulpit of a president. The things he says, and the things he doesn’t say and the ways in which he says them. The way in which he condemns racist, when you can see it’s so half-hearted. It’s like a kid being forced to do something,” Ioffe said. “It’s not just the freaks… it’s also, kind of, the silent majority of Trump supporters that think this is OK, that continue to support this president despite what he said.”

Ioffe then essentially said Trump supporters overlook hateful rhetoric in exchange for tax cuts as Lemon told her she “hit the nail on the head.”

CNN’s “Reliable Sources with Brian Stelter” newsletter – considered required reading by elite members of the mainstream media – did not mention Lemon’s controversial comments.

“The American Left, of which ‘objective journalist’ Lemon clearly is a leader, is good at only one thing — psychological projection. Rather than contend with their own flaws, they accuse others of bearing them. Lemon and his ilk accuse President Trump of being racist and divisive, which serves as incredibly thin cover for their own racist, divisive rhetoric. The only good news here is that the American people increasingly see past the Left’s psychological self-delusion and recognize these people as what they are… increasingly violent bigots,” Murdock said.