Vladimir Putin’s puppet master: The Kremlin’s REAL driving force revealed

INFLUENCE: Alexander Dugin, known as “Putin’s Brain”

Vladimir Putin’s puppet master: The Kremlin’s REAL driving force revealed

VLADIMIR Putin’s grip on the Kremlin is down to a background figure pulling all the strings, experts have claimed.

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Revelations over Russian attempts to interfere in the American election, the brazen Sergei Skripal Novichok poison plot and cyber attacks have shocked the world, with experts seeing the hand of Vladimir Putin in personally directing the operations.But mysterious political theorist Alexander Dugin, known as “Putin’s Brain”, is thought to actually wield much of the Kremlin’s power, using it to advance his own far-right and fascist agenda.

And the Moscow State University professor has earned an even more unsettling nickname – “the world’s most dangerous philosopher” – due to his numerous controversial opinions.

Dugin harbours bizarre anti-scientific views, including a call for the ban of chemistry and physics, saying: “If we want to liberate ourselves from the West, it is needed to liberate ourselves from textbooks on physics and chemistry.”

And he even wants to ban the internet – an anti-technological view stemming from his desire to hasten the “end of times” with all-out war.

Ex Trump advisor Steve Bannon has praised DuginGETTYCONTROVERSIAL: Former Trump advisor Steve Bannon has praised Dugin

He has also been on the US sanctions list following Russia’s takeover of Crimea for advocating the murder of Ukrainians, a philosophy that eerily aligns with the 2014 MH17 missile strike.The originator of Kremlin-approved nationalist philosophy is a vocal supporter of Putin, and was quoted in 2007 as saying: “There are no more opponents of Putin’s course and, if there are, they are mentally ill and need to be sent off for clinical examination.

“Putin is everywhere, Putin is everything, Putin is absolute, and Putin is indispensable.”

His most popular ideologies is his “Fourth Political Theory”, which would create an entirely alternative political model, set against “progress” of world history as it is.

This vision calls for a plurality of world super powers led by the Eurasian Union (former Soviet Union territory) – a theory popular with conspiracy theorists worldwide, who sense a trend towards the creation of a world government led by insincere globalist elites wishing to subjugate the people to their corporate needs.

Dugin is 'the world’s most dangerous philosopher'GETTYDANGER: Dugin is known as ‘the world’s most dangerous philosopher’

“There are no more opponents of Putin’s course and, if there are, they are mentally ill and need to be sent off for clinical examination”

Alexander Dugin

Again, Russia’s recent takeover of Crimea and further designs on Ukraine appear to be a logical part of such a plan.

After Turkey shot down a Russian warplane along the Syrian border in 2015, prompting “World War III” to trend on Twitter, the firebrand philosopher used his contacts in both countries to form a backchannel that helped Vladimir Putin and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan end an increasingly dangerous feud.

The son of a Soviet military-intelligence official, Dugin says being independent makes him an effective go-between in matters of state.

The 55-year-old rabble-rouser, blacklisted by the US for aiding the insurgency in Ukraine, has no official post.

But he has advised a member of Putin’s inner circle and written a textbook on geopolitics that’s been used by the military.

He has said: “I can talk to people like an official can’t, a diplomat says what he’s told. What does a military man say?

“Even less – and an intelligence officer? Nothing at all.”

Vladimir Putin is sworn in as Russian president

Dugin called for the ban of chemistry and physicsBIG THINKMAD: Dugin has called for the ban of chemistry and physics

However some experts believe Dugin’s influence on Putin has been hugely exaggerated in the West.Speaking exclusively to Daily Star Online, the University of Birmingham’s Dr. David White elaborates: “Dugin himself has always been a self-publicist par excellence.

“The beard and the wild staring eyes also give him the look of a Russian mystic, leading Western journalists to see him as some kind of modern-day Rasputin figure.

“The Putin regime is essentially pragmatic and is not one that is susceptible to outside influence, especially from marginal figures such as Dugin.

“Putin has been happy to promote a strong sense of Russian nationalism and national identity throughout his third term and into his fourth but this is more to do with mobilising support for his regime rather than because he follows a fixed ideology.”

Dugin's philosophy aligns with the MH17 strike