$150,000 to help orphans in Greece | #GreeceFires

$150,000 to help orphans in Greece


We’ve all seen images and videos of this summer’s devastating wildfires outside of Athens. In the weeks since the fires, thousands of you have stepped up to donate to our Greece Wildfire Relief Campaign. One thing you may not know about the wildfires is that the Lyreio Foundation Orphanage was burned to the ground, leaving its children helpless and homeless.

This week, we presented SOS Children’s Villages, the largest organization dedicated to the care of orphaned and abandoned children, with a check for $150,000 to help those orphans. Learn more about how your donations will directly benefit these children and watch the presentation of the donation below:

HALC donates $150,000 to SOS Children's Villages

The $150,000 donation will help provide a safe home, education and psychological support for the children. It’s a start to get these children back into a positive environment where they can grow and thrive. We’ll keep you updated on the progress of the program and the campaign in general as we continue to disperse your donations in a transparent and effective manner.

You can still donate to the fund right now:


Thanks for all you do,

Georgia Logothetis
Managing Director