BRICS Bank: Zionist Controlled Opposition?

BRICS Bank: Zionist Controlled Opposition?

The idea of an official  trilateral cooperation between the global super-powers of Russia, India and China was first publicly aired in December of 1998 by then-Russian Prime Minister YEVGENY PRIMAKOV during a state-sponsored visit to India. From 2003to 2005Foreign Ministers from the 3 nations held their first trilateral meetingsalongside the United Nations‘ General Assembly.

………..Fast forward to 2011. Russia, India and China have now added Brazil and South Africa to the mix to form BRICS, a political and economic super co-op comprised of roughly 40% of the global population and 20% of the world’s GDP [Gross Domestic Product]. Together, they make up roughly 18% of the entire global economy, with the forecasted ability to garner an estimated $4 TRILLION [USD] in monetary reserves amongst them in the near future.

………..Together, the nations of BRICS purportedly [KEY WORD!] work together to achieve goals such as the reformation of the global monetary system, combating negative climate change, securing national borders, combating terrorism, curbing drug trafficking, defusing hotbeds of global and national tensions, consolidating democracy in international relations, strengthening the global voice of emerging economies and developing stronger nations; ALL goals with which the U.S.-Israeli zionist machine has ALSO [in lip service only] chosen to task itself.

………..The nations of BRICS are, on the surface, taking on western economic globalism by forming their own iteration of a world bank. Rivaling the West‘s IMF [International Monetary Fund], the BRICS bank will have over $150 BILLION [USD] in currency reserves, rendering it MORE than capable of lending capital to [i.e. CONTROLLING] emerging nations, as well as those experiencing economic hardship. By comparison, the IMF has roughly $370 BILLION [USD] in their currency reserve pool. This new economic super co-op can finally help to build up nations and economies that have been forgotten or targeted by the western zionist steamroller. They are even mintingtheir own gold and silver-backed currency. But don’t be fooled, BRICS is just the other side of the same zionist-controlled “coin” [#LameAttemptAtHumor]. BRICS will be used to control the masses, just like the IMF and World Bank.

………..BRICS is not the only economic co-op on the block that has the potential to [rival] supplement the IMFMINT [made up of Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey] and The Next Eleven [comprised of Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, The Philippines, Turkey, South Korea and Vietnam] are also making headway in the global economic race.

………..In early 2015BENJAMIN FULFORD reported that Switzerland made moves to align themselves with BRICS. Greece is looking to join them as well.

………..On the surface, BRICS may be a “rival” to the zionists, but this could be a ruse. In late 2014CHRISTINE LAGARDE [the French head of the IMF] issued the U.S. an ultimatum to either change their evil, controlling ways or else the IMF would move forward without them. In retaliation, the zionists had LAGARDE indicted for fraud.

………..With the U.S. and the IMF taking moves to distance themselves from one another [which is just lip service, mind you] and the U.S. aligning itself with the IMF‘s “competitor” BRICS, we are actually seeing the zionists take control of their “opposition.Divide and conquer, the oldest game in the book.

………..In March of 2015Russian President VLADIMIR PUTIN announced that his country would be nationalizing their ROTHSCHILD-controlled central bank. But is he really“kicking out” the zionists? OF COURSE NOT!!! More lip service and charades. Russia will simply be replacing the ROTHSCHILD‘s IMF and petrodollar with the BRICS Bank, of which Russia is a founding member. Same level of control over the masses, just a different mask on the masters.

………..The outline for a BRICS-like organization was outlined in the ROCKEFELLERs’ 1961 Special Studies Project. Entitled “Prospect For America: The Rockefeller Panel Reports,” the final product of the studies lays out the divide-and-conquer strategy of the zionists.

………..Is the devil you DON’T know better than the one that you DO? In most cases, they are one and the same when you look far enough into them. As long as there are mega-banks controlling the masses, it doesn’t matter which set of assholes is pulling the strings. Don’t forget that all of the nations in BRICS [minus the recently announced “nationalization” of Russia’s central bank] have ROTHSCHILD-owned and controlled central banks, so their collusion is simply creating another arm of the zionist monster.

………..Stay conscious my friends.


~ Merit Freeman