The Three Stooges and the…FLAT EARTH connection. WHAT???!!!

The Three Stooges and the…FLAT EARTH??? WHAT???!!!

Hey Curly! Is the Earth Flat???

Listen and look very closely to the first  minutes of this episode of the Three Stooges where we see in the background TWO different types of the…FLAT EARTH MAPS! The first one can been seen at the 1:11 to 1:12 minute mark and the second one at 1:30 and on. At the 2:00 – 2:01 mark we hear Moe call Larry a…”FLAT HEAD” and as he says it, the flat Earth map is right behind him!

This, however, should NOT come as a surprise due to the fact that (1) the US government uses the SAME map (2) so does the US military and particularly the NAVY (3) Hollywood has been hinted at the truth of the flat Earth for decades and (4) the flat Earth map was used in school classrooms up until 1947, the SAME EXACT YEAR that Admiral Richard Byrd went to Antarctica and discovered a lot of amazing, new things there as well as the….DOME that covers us all above and that CANNOT be pierced which, in itself, makes up a major part of the…COVERUP of our flat Earth!

See the following for all the proof.

The Three Stooges 174 Commotion On The Ocean 1956 Shemp, Larry, Moe