Facebook allowing Greek intel chief to SPY on Greeks that are anti-establishment and NWO!

Greek intel chief, Giannis Roubatis, is working with Facebook to SPY on Greeks that are anti-establishment!

-by John Kountouris | Los Angeles | 9:25am (PST) | JohnKountouris.com

The Greek intelligence head, Giannis Roubatis, who is a traitor, who supports Turkey instead of his OWN COUNTRY, who’s media portal EUROACTIV has TURKISH sponsors and is connected with…GEORGE SOROS, is now apparently connected to…FACEBOOK (which is connected to the American deep state) because he wants to…SPY ON GREEKS WHO ARE AGAINST THE CORRUPT ESTABLISHMENT IN GREECE WHICH HAS BEEN SCREWING THE GREEK PEOPLE FOR YEARS WITH THIS FAKE BAILOUT WITH THE TROIKA! This according to former Greek intel agent Manolis Chatzisavas (or Hatzisavvas, Gr., Μανώλης Χατζησάββας), who became a whistle blower several years ago when he found out just how CORRUPT his boss was along with the rest of the Greek government.

In the below Facebook conversation, we see a Greek intel employee conversing with Mr. Chatzisavas telling him that “they will search Greeks’ Facebook accounts to see which agents are in cahoots” with him basically and that if this employee complies with Roubatis’ request that he or she will be…COMPENSATED FOR IT!!!  And that because Chatzisavas has been working together with MANY journalists in Greece who are using his revelations of Greek government corruption to expose the government there.

What this all means is that Facebook is giving the green light to the Greek intelligence agency (EYP, Gr. ΕΥΠ) το…SPY ON GREEKS WHO POST CHATZISAVVAS’ POSTS ON THEIR WALLS, ETC. !!!

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