GREEK TRAITOR Yanis Varoufakis on The Young Turks with GREEK TRAITOR Nomiki Konst

GREEK TRAITOR Yanis Varoufakis on The Young Turks with GREEK TRAITOR Nomiki Konst

-by TYT Interviews

Gianis Varoufakis is an agent of…GEORGE SOROS and is a TRAITOR to the Greek people! The woman here who interviewed him is Nomiki Konst who is…ALSO GREEK!!! BOTH OF THESE SELL-OUTS SERVE TURKISH INTERESTS AND MUST BE REJECTED AND SHUNNED BY ALL GREEK COMMUNITIES IN THE US AND WORLDWIDE!!! Konst sold herself to her…PASHA, Cenk Uygur which is reminiscent of how during the Turkish occupation of Greece, the infamous Ali Pasha had many Greek…WIVES who served him at his beck and call.

In my book, “HELLENIC CRISIS: A Crisis of Conspiracy Against the Greek People,” I go over all of this about Varoufakis: 

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Varoufakis had major opportunities to really address the Greek debt issue and do something REAL to help Greece. HE DID NONE OF THAT. My own Greek journalist colleagues sent him major info on how the supposed “Greek debt” is nothing more that a…FRUAD and used against the Greek people, as a PRETEXT to put them under the control of the Troika, in order to…ENSLAVE THEM and ROB THEM OF THIS NATURAL RESOURCES which number in the….TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS! VAROUFAKIS IGNORED ALL OF THIS!!!

Read more on this here. This is the info we sent to Varoufakis while he was still the Greek Finance Minister and he…IGNORED IT ALL!…

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The “Young Turks” was created by the vile Turk Cenk Uygur who choose this particular name for his filthy show because it was the…CRYPTO-JEWS the YOUNG TURKS who butchered and slaughtered…GREEKS, ARMENIANS AND OTHER CHRISTIANS!!!  This scumbag happens to also be an agent of…GEORGE SOROS, TOO, JUST LIKE VAROUFAKIS, and his people do NOT hide this fact….