FBI Discloses The Sandy Hook Files & Crisis Actors Commit Treason [video]

FBI Discloses The Sandy Hook Files & Crisis Actors Commit Treason

Written by JayWill7497

The truth of the matter always come out… sooner or later, for those who search it. So, for those who are courageous enough to accept it, I now have the truth about “Sandy Hoax”. Are these FBI files going to be one hundred per cent truthful? I wouldn’t believe it.

Many OUGHT TO be seeing a pattern by now. The perp/shooter/fall guy/patsy is always identified to the Feds years prior to them becoming “activated”.

Consider “Boston Marathon Bombing”… “Batman Theater Massacre”… JFK… get the picture? All pre-meditated, orchestrated and planned well in advance by your “government”, who are not who the public assume.

It’s all about keeping in power those who do their bidding, removing those who don’t, utilizing mind-control to get innocent folks to achieve heinous goals, and then, obviously, getting rid of the manchurian candidate in numerous cases because dead men tell no tales.

Evidently a whole town of folks in Connecticut whose mortgages were zeroed out for Christmas won’t say boo, either. What do we do when law enforcement, coroner, politicians, fire fighters, newspaper-an whole town pulls off the most contemptible caper in modern times-and sets up a web page PRIOR TO the event even took place; a charity fund online to collect millions of dollars from floored Americans to assist the non-existent “victims’” families’?????!!!!!!

Where is the coup? It’s the same old apathy, year after year. The deep state is lively aand the majority of Americans are none the wiser.

I watched a YouTube video instantly after Sandy Hook occurred by a gal who showed us on Google Earth that the school in question wasn’t even in use in the community-a perfect stage set.

It had been shut down prior to this false flag event, yet weeks and months went by and America was still a- snoozeing and some will battle to the death to confirm INDIVIDUALS DIED, when they did not-not THIS time, as far as I understand.

In many cases currently, nevertheless, folks are killed in these appalling controlled events also known as “false flags”. It’s not MERELY crisis actors on the scene. How do these two-bit actors do it? How do they rest at night?

As the frustration of the deep state escalates, so do the false flag events, like San Bernardino, Las Vegas… and they do not care how many die. It’s just a war for control and they still think they can win. Wretched, isn’t it?

Bottom line: Those “crisis actors” who assist the predators in their goals to manipulate the public-they are traitors, pleased to take their thirty pieces of silver. Some are at this point stating – and rightfully so – that the liars are treasonous and should be imprisoned. Let’s not forget the Nazi News traitorous media when it’s time for arrests. None of this would be possible without them.

View the article by Steve Pieczenik below, a long-time government guy, ratting out the “government” regarding Sandy Hook.

A word of guidance to those who are grappling with what is real is what isn’t – turn off your TELEVISION and turn on your computer and do the research, but I alert you – the truth is out there. Waaaaaay out there.

See now the following video which exposes this FAKE SHOOTING at Sandy Hook school in Ct., something that would serve as a template for all these…OTHER FAKE “SHOOTINGS”/”TERRORIST” BOMBINGS, ATTACKS, etc!

FBI Declassifies Over 1,500 Documents On Sandy Hook Massacre


Crisis Actors Commit Treason!

October 21, 2017

Crisis Actors for Hire: Ready to Create Another False Flag and Treason!

Thanks to one of my emailers, Kristie Oaks, who made me aware that a new batch of “phony Americans” are willing to prostitute themselves out as ‘crisis actors’ for an impending ersatz crisis. Nothing is more repulsive to me than a man, woman or child who is willing to sell his/her integrity for a few shekels to betray this country in an absurd event: the false flag .

“Sandy Hook”, a complete fiasco of reality, underscored the degree to which local/ state police and Connecticut officials are willing to “whore themselves” for a few million dollars. The Newtown School had already been closed for asbestos contamination prior to the event. Yet, the idiot denizens of this Connecticut town/state were willing to partake in an Obama/Holder act of treason akin to shouting ‘fire’ in a movie theater [for which one would be arrested ASAP!].

Not one of the crisis actors was arrested. Lets consider that the governor, the bureaucrats, and the local citizens conspired in one of the most pathetic scenarios of a non-existent autistic boy not-committing an act of terror/massive child-killing. #Fake News played up the volume of this farce but journalists who dared to question or declared the event false were demonetized, sued, fired or all of the above. Sounds like East Berlin? Communist Russia?….you betcha, same tactics.

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