‘Greece is Coming Back’ Trump says in Welcoming Tsipras at the White House (video)

‘Greece is Coming Back’ Trump says in Welcoming Tsipras at the White House (video)

“Greece is coming back” noted President Trump as he welcomed Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras at the White House.

In his opening remarks, President Trump said that Greece “has gone through a lot over the last years, and we will discuss ways to help, because Greece has been a great friend and a loyal ally”.

He added that the US and Greece are cooperating in many areas, including the upgrade of the Greek F-16 fleet, which as he said is a “terrific plane”.

In his reply, Tsipras expressed the hope that the two countries will enhance their cooperation. Greece is a partner to the US in a very sensitive region. We share the same values of freedom and democracy, Tsipras said.

Tsipras thanked the president for the invitation saying it is an important moment for the strategic cooperation between the two countries.

“I am sure that we will have very fruitful discussion today. I think that it is a very important moment for our strategic cooperation and I am sure that we will do whatever it takes to enhance this cooperation,” he told Trump.

“You are always welcome in Greece,” Tsipras told Trump a little later during a Cabinet Room meeting.

See the tweet below:


US media alsmost immediately commented that the Greek leader was not wearing a neck tie. A very rare spectacle for an official guest of the White House.

A press conference will follow the meeting between the two leaders.