Miley Cyrus Claims ‘Satan Is A Nice Guy; He’s Misunderstood’

Miley Cyrus Claims ‘Satan Is A Nice Guy; He’s Misunderstood’

Satan is misunderstood guy who has been judged on his outward appearance rather than by “what he has to offer us as human beings” according to Miley Cyrus, who detailed her relationship with the devil in a Swedish radio interview.

Going as far as to claim that Satan is a “really nice guy“, the singer described Satan’s relationship with her as “fatherly and nurturing” before stopping abruptly and asking the radio hosts, “You guys are liberal, right? Uber liberal, right?

After the hosts laughed and one of them said “Err, yeah, I guess you can call us that,” Cyrus laughed too and then admitted that “sometimes he [Satan] can be a bit naughty too. He can be pervy. But that is natural. It’s only religious maniacs who see a problem with natural things.”

I have reached the point where my relationship with him is stronger than my relationship with my earthly father,” Cyrus said, making reference to her biological father, Billy Ray Cyrus.

Asked how Billy Ray feels about “taking a back seat to the devil“, Miley Cyrus said, “He doesn’t feel anything, I don’t think so anyway. I haven’t asked. But it’s not like my relationship with anyone else takes away anything from my relationship with Dad. It’s just different.”

Billy Ray Cyrus, pictured here with Tush Cyrus, does not mind that his daughter has a close personal relationship with Satan.

Cyrus also claimed that she receives guidance from Satan “on a fairly regular basis.” Asked what kind of guidance, Cyrus said, “Everyday stuff. Normal stuff,” before explaining that Satan’s guidance is “better than Jesus’ guidance.

I’ve been there, done that. Jesus is ok. He’s boring, you know? He gave Satan a bad rap. Jesus is the goody two shoes with no life. I prayed to Satan last Friday. I was in a foreign city, I barely knew anyone. He spoke to me quietly, prompting me to dress like a boy.

“I went out into the street dressed like a boy and I just walked and walked, following his whispers. I found myself in a dark alley by some kind of industrial area. Two big guys, rough guys you know, they suddenly appeared and I don’t know, I guess you’d call it rape. They took me forcefully. Yeah, it was painful. But to be totally honest, the whole experience was transcendental.

“It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. When they were both finished, I started straight into their eyes and said “Hail Satan”.

“I’m not sure they understood but they appeared calmed by my words.”

Miley Cyrus’s Satanic confession is merely the latest in a long line of public dalliances the singer has shared with the devil. After starting her career with Disney, the pop star reinvented her image as a raunchy pop star, flashing Satanic hand gestures and promoting Illuminati symbolism as she rode to the top of the charts.

Miley Cyrus flashing Satanic hand gestures and promoting Illuminati symbolism
Miley Cyrus flashing Satanic hand gestures and promoting Illuminati symbolism

Since establishing herself in the global consciousness as a Devil-worshipping entertainer, the singer has attempted to tame her dark image, however the disturbing conversation she held with the Swedish radio hosts suggests she is far from a reformed character, and she has openly sold her soul to Satan.

The incident has also sparked fears around the world that the Illuminati have moved onto the next phase of the masterplan, and have begun openly promoting Satanism as a viable religious choice for those seeking spiritual guidance.