July 1974 – Just 2017: 43 years of political transition – A bankrupt regime! Article by N. G. Michaloliakos

July 1974 – Just 2017: 43 years of political transition – A bankrupt regime! Article by N. G. Michaloliakos

Tuesday, 25 July2017 – 23:58

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Translation by: John Kountouris from GreekNewsOnDemand.com

“For freedom without constraints leads to none other than slavery without constraints both for the citizens as well as the state. Tyranny is not created by any other system of government other than a democracy, where, I believe, within this extreme freedom are found the origins of the greatest and even the most savage form of slavery.” – Plato

This had been written by Plato 25 centuries before the year 2017 A.D. And surely, if he lived in our time, today’s “democrats”, who reek of Bolshevism and liberalism, would have undoubtedly characterized him as a bad and unrepentant “fascist”. This, however, whether they like it or not, was the mainstream political thought of all the great figures of the ancient Greek spirit and it is ironic for the “left” and “right” canters of the current world system to persistently allege and scream day and night that the brutal and inhuman way the peoples of the world are governed today has its roots in Ancient Greece.

Suffice it to say only that in the Ancient Republic of Athens the unconscripted did not have the right to vote, whereas in the present “republic” of the pseudo-Romans they can even reach the point of becoming prime ministers!

The days during 1974

July and August 1974, the months that marked modern political life and the events which took place and marked and determined the past 43 years of the so-called post-political period (Metapolitefsis, Μεταπολίτευσις) in Greece.

The roads of Athens are full of traffic, streets where, for the first time in many years, there appeared in Athens, Thessaloniki and other cities of Greece the hammer and sickle along with the funerary announcements [for the dead in Cyprus]. The Communists’ the hammer and sickle that returned triumphantly with this post-political period with the blessings of Konstantinos Karamanlis with the funerary rites on some streets of Athens for the dead in Cyprus (after the 1974 invasion there), coming straight from the front and almost secretly being buried [with government recognition]. As if they hadn’t split their blood for the Homeland into the Greek land of Cyprus! Besides, it is well known that even up until today, that period with all its events during that tragic summer of 1974, is not recognized as a period of war having taken place in Cyprus.

Demonstrations and protests at the British Embassy. Arrests and the streets have flooded with people, the cars are honking triumphantly, and the citizens with candles in their hands celebrate a resurrection, which never came and which was proved to be the “Golgotha” of a whole nation.

And at the same time that the Turks bombarded the Greek youth with naplam bombs that fought spilling their blood on the field of honor, in Athens, in this city of monsters of post-political shame, in Athens, the new Babylon of New Hellenism there were endless lines outside of the supermarkets. So at the same time the brave were shedding their blood, some waited patiently for macaroni, and rice … One dreadful “Janus”, a nightmarishly two-faced individual, having on the one hand the proud face of honor and on the other the grimaces of a humiliating self-survival and of selfishness. This is how the people get when the few and the chosen are missing absent from it, the chosen ones who lead it to idealistic things of heaven.

The treason and the traitors

Forty-three years of post-political era, forty-three years of propaganda which in the name of a dissolute fake democracy has brought into the political life of the country a sovereign a government of the New Left, an ethno-nilist and completely obedient to the world master and within this propaganda a great lie, a lie that breaks out of seemingly insignificant events, but very important. Like the funeral a few weeks ago of the HERO of Hellenic Force in Cyprus, Brigadier Stavroulopoulos, in which no representative of any political party was present other than GOLDEN DAWN. And those “patriots” —and I refer to all those who seethe with hatred and bile for GOLDEN DANW and play the role of the “uncompromising” Greeks— that attended the funeral, forgot that the late Brigadier returning from the Battle of Hellenic Force in Cyprus was persecuted by the regime of the post-political era in Greece and retired in 1977 within the framework of “de-junta-izing” Greece (referring to the Greek military junta 1967-74).

They talk about treason, but they do not say a word about the submarines that sailed to Kyrenia to hit the Turkish fleet, but some gave them a mandate to go back. They speak of treason, but they do not say a word about the phantoms of the Hellenic Air Force, which some prevented from going to Cyprus in order to defend the Greek great island there from a Turkish invasion. They did not say a word about its given superiority over and against Turkey in 1974; all they did/do was just lie about it.

The Lies and cheap propaganda on which a whole regime was built. They do not say a word about the Attila II invasion into Cyprus and the zero reaction of the fake Greek politicians, who then ruled the country on August 14, 1974, and did not say a word about the fact that, with the law of 1975, voted by the politicians of the post-political era, all forms prosecution were prohibited concerning the betrayal of Cyprus!

Forty-three years of modern “saviors”

Forty-three years have been completed since the onset of the famously known post-political era, and in these forty-three years, Hellenism was led unto an untold decline, having as its rulers the “saviors” who, one after another, promised it miracles yet left behind them ruins everywhere, ruins not only material but, above all, moral and ethical!

And it was these “saviors” that brought the post-political period and that would “save” Greece and then put us in Europe, saying they would “protect” us from the Turkish threat and solve all the country’s economic problems. And within this Europe they have destroyed our national economy and they have rendered our country a satellite state of Turkey and today with “memorandums” with the TROIKA they’s even deprived us of our national sovereignty.

And we also had “saviors” during the time of “socialism,” during the party PASOK’s “change”, in the years when corruption and the clientele state became a scourge that literally broke Greece. And then we had the “purging” that never came, and then came PM Kostas Simitis, who abolished our national currency and then with false economic date put us into the Euro Zone, the Simitis who wasted billions of Euros during the Greek Olympic Games of 2004, who destroyed the Greek Stock Exchange, Simitis who created the tragedy of the Greek islet Imia and who even ordered the take-down of the Greek flag there! And then came the “memorandums” which brought about a national submission of all of Greece to the TROIKA with these unbelievable fraud politicians who promised to “rip them up”-and yet never did- and who now govern us.

Forty-three years of a post-political era, forty-three years lost for such a great nation still seeking out its fate and destination! A fate and a destiny that is definitely beyond the pseudo-Greek element and against the pseudo-Greek element, a destiny that must do without the dictatorship of the rotten, corrupt kingdom of “Denmark” (a play on words from Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”) that is sovereign in our blessed Earth!

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos,
Secretary General of the People’s Association – Golden Dawn

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