“We are not going into Syria” says Trump. These are meaningless lies.

-by SyrianGirl

“We are not going into Syria”. says Trump. This is meaningless lies.
-The US is already IN Syria trying to cut of the Syrian Army from Tabaqa airbase.
– Trump’s new policy is still “Assad must go”, regime change, he’s not going back to “let’s stay out off it and not help alqaeda”. He has Reset to the Obama doctrine.
– He still promises to hit Syrian Airbases with Tomohawk missiles in future.
– The only thing he is claiming right now is that they won’t invade Syria from Jordan, like planned. Plans that were drawn up by the clinton administration. They are still massing at the border and invaded the border recently with 20 armored vehicles using ISIS as a causes belli. There is nothing to stop Trump from changing his mind about this in future.
– Syrian Aircrafts are still painting US jets, and US and Russia still no longer have a de-escalation agreement over Syrian skies.

We are still at war.

Trump’s support base hasn’t changed his mind, they’ve only caused him to try to placate them with this statement. Don’t allow it to work.

The false flag CW attack has reset everything back to Obama’s alqaeda loving anti russian war trajectory. And there’s nothing to stop them from attacking us again. This latest statement is only a carrot of de-escalation to wave in Russia’s face during G7. Russia Syria and the american people would be FOOLS to be lulled into a false sense of security. Fool me once shame on you, Fool me Twice shame on me. Surely we have learned by now that Trump’s words, mean less than nothing.