Is the Getty Center in Los Angeles hiding an underground child pedophilia ring linked to…PIZZAGATE?

-by Steven D Kelley

The Getty Center in Los Angeles is a multi billion dollar structure built to house the art collection of the Getty Foundation. J. P. Getty was given a knighthood by Queen Elizabeth when it was completed. The reality is that it is a front for a fortress protecting an elevator that goes down into a deep underground sanctuary, intended to house the royal family in the future.

The entire structure, and the complete system of underground structures is also home to a Satanic empire that provides massive amounts of children to the caver’s that live there, for pedophilia, ritual abuse, and sacrifice, with consumption. This is the bottom of the Iceberg that #pizzagate is the tip of. If you want to end this corruption on every level of our society, you must root out the evil heart of the monster, that we can get to if we force the FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation to investigate, and arrest those people, and free the 100,000 child sex slaves held below.


btw, My name is Steven D Kelley, google me if you want more.