STAGED: Trump “RUSHED OFF STAGE” in rally and YOU, American, believe this BS!!!

-by John Kountouris | Los Angeles | 6:45pm, PST, 05 Nov. 2016

According to the Epoc Times artile “Video: Donald Trump Rushed Off Stage by Secret Service in Reno, Nevada,” we read the following about what just happened to Trump at his Reno rally:

Donald Trump was just rushed off the stage in Reno, Nevada, on Nov. 5.

Several Secret Service agents came up to Trump and took him of the stage as he was speaking in front of a crowd.

It’s unclear what exactly happened to prompt the agents to react.

Now if you believe what you see on TV and in movies, you can either WAKE UP TO ALL THIS B/S THEY SHOW YOU, or, GO BACK TO SLEEP just like they want you.

Really???  Donald Trump had to be…”rushed” off the stage??? Why???  Was there a “threat” at this rally and, if there really was, WHO ALLOWED THIS THREAT TO HAPPEN IN THE FIRST PLACE???  Think with me now.  A PRESIDENTIAL RALLY WITH THE MOST POWERFUL SECURITY IN THE WORLD SPOTTED A SECURITY THREAT WITHIN THE RALLY??? Hmmm…stinks to me if you say so, particularly in view of all the STAGED false-flag US government “terrorist” attacks that have been taking place since 9/11 to be used as a further pretext to CLAMP DOWN on all our freedoms in this country in order to user in the …NEW WORLD ORDER.

Already we read from top sites like that “Secret Service stopped a would-be assassin from shooting Donald Trump at a campaign event in Reno, Nevada.

Watch first the clip and then see the rest of my comments:

Just go over this video a few more times….look at how FAKE it is…how…STAGED it is.  It was ALL SCRIPTED–I GUARANTEE YOU.


Hollywood had ALREADY predicted the presidential run of Donald Trump for…DECADES NOW.  Just look at the movie Back to the Future Part 2.  In the movie, Biff Tannen is now a rich politician who looks just like…TRUMP, acts LIKE TRUMP, has a hotel JUST LIKE TRUMP TOWERS and…IS A REPUBLICAN WHO RUNS FOR PRESIDENT!

It get’s better, though, because not only has the co-writer and producer of this movie, Bob Gale, ADMITTED that Biff Tannen was meant to BE DONALD TRUMP (click here), but in the end of the movie the character of Biff Tannen is….KILLED OFF. WATCH THE MOVIE AGAIN AND YOU WILL SEE WHAT I MEAN.

Now…take what I say and compare it with all the suppossed “death threats” and “predictions” about Trump that the mainstream media and Alex Jones has throw out there for months now.  IT’S ALL BULL and…STAGED because DONALD TRUMP, TOO, IS PART OF THIS ILLUMINATI GAME MEANT TO DECEIVE US ALL!

Read also the article “Lawsuit: Donald Trump Is the Illuminati King“. THEY PLAYING WITH YOUR INTELLIGENCE AND…FUTURE, AMERICANS!!!

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Donald Trump And Back To The Future II Predictive Programming

So here is Infowars report on this: