An Unscientific Survey of Our Readers: Hillary or Donald?

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There’s the Gallup and the Pew and all of those news organizations polling from coast to coast. But none surveying likely voters who see the elections from the Greek American point of view…

Our survey isn’t a scientific one— just a survey of our readers and although there’s no real way to even know if those voting here are Americans, or Canadians or from anywhere else in the world, or even registered to vote in the United States, we thought it would be fun to see how our readers lean in the upcoming elections.

So take a minute and pick— and remember, we don’t collect any data or personal information other than the selection you make.

Our survey isn’t scientific in any way, shape or form and is not intended to be official— just a survey of our readership.

Take the poll by clicking the bottom icon which will take you to the Papast Post poll and take the survey there…..


An Unscientific Survey of Our Readers: Hillary or Donald?

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